Can you put any scope on any gun?

Can you put any scope on any gun?

You can use it on nearly any caliber of gun no matter how you mount your scope and with whatever scope mounting hardware you want. Gun stabilizer-Notice I didn’t say gun vice. A gun vice of some type is ideal, but what you really need is a way to stabilize your gun and this can be accomplished in a number of ways.

How much does a gunsmith charge to mount a scope?


Bore sighting (including mount check) $10
Properly mount scope & boresight (may be covered under FSP*) $35
Lap rings + $30
Cut & lap rings + $75
Open receiver & bases to 8X40 + $75

How far back should I mount my scope?

Three to 4 inches is about right. You must focus the eyepiece (ocular lens), and thus the reticle, on every new scope.

Why put a scope on a pistol?

A scope on a handgun is for precise shooting. That could be hunting, target shooting, or just water jugs at 100 yards. Used from a rest they are very accurate. It takes practice to use a scope offhand as it magnifies the “wobble”.

Should you have a gunsmith mount my scope?

The gunsmith should strive for having the scope as close a possible to the middle of its windage range when the rifle is zeroed. On this range the scope works at its best and more correction potential is Page 2 available for ammunition variation and wind. In addition, some scopes have a very limited windage range.

Does Bass Pro mount scopes for free?

does bass pro offer free mounting and bore sight like cabelas ? Well yeah.

Is my scope too far back?

If you have to pull your head back to see a full field or prevent the ocular ring from dinging your brow, your rifle scope is mounted too far back. If you must pull your head back to see a full field or prevent the ocular ring from dinging your brow, the scope is too far back.

Is my scope mounted too high?

If the scope is mounted too high you will not be able to properly see through the scope when using a cheek rest and this requires you to lift your head off the cheek rest and attempt to use the scope. This is not very comfortable, and a can degrade accuracy.

What are the different types of Browning scopes?

Several types of bases and rings are offered for Browning rifles, such as 1) integrated, 2) separate bases and rings and 3) Weaver style rings that mount on a rail base, among others. Scopes are sold with objectives (front bell) that vary in diameter all the way up to a 56mm objective.

How to choose a base for a Browning rifle?

Choose from a) Browning-Style base, b) Weavers-style and, c) Weaver-style rails. Choose wisely: the base you choose will commit you to the type of rings. You can’t mix a “Browning-Style” base with Weaver rings, for example. Rails must be an EXACT fit to your rifle or shotgun. No leeway at all. 2.. CHOOSE THE CORRECT RINGS

How to mount a scope on a marlin.22 rifle?

Talley rings on this Anschutz rifle are extra high to mount large-objective varmint scopes. They’re also machined to fit the curved receiver for a custom look. 2. The Leupold rings on this Marlin .22 clamp directly to a dovetail base or grooved receiver and have the “grown up” look of their high-power rings. 3.

Can a scope be mounted on the barrel?

THE SCOPE OBJECTIVE SHOULD NEVER TOUCH THE BARREL WHEN MOUNTED ON YOUR RIFLE. IMPORTANT: There are a great number of variables when attaching scope bases and rings and attaching a scope. These guidelines on this page should be considered as a starting point as you learn what combination of bases, rings, and scope are best for your rifle. Go slow.