Did Western Auto sell guns?

Did Western Auto sell guns?

Firearm sales Sometime in the 1940s or 1950s, or possibly earlier, Western Auto started selling rifles and shotguns in its catalogues. Western Auto firearms sold under the “Revelation” brand name, and were generally models from the brands Savage, Marlin Firearms, or Mossberg.

What happened to Chief auto Parts?

Chief Auto Parts was a United States-based auto parts store chain that had stores located in the states of Tennessee, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, Arkansas and California….Chief Auto Parts.

Type Private
Founded 1955 in Norwalk, California
Founder Vern Johnson and Lorin Tuthill
Defunct July 1, 1998
Fate Acquired by AutoZone

What is the best deer hunting shotgun?

Today we’re highlighting some of the best shotguns on the market for hunters looking to target whitetails.

  • Thompson/Center Encore Pro Hunter Slug. Sportsman’s Warehouse.
  • Winchester SX4 Cantilever Buck. Winchester.
  • Remington 870. Remington.
  • Stoeger M3000 Slug. Stoeger.

    What kind of gun does Western Auto Revelation make?

    Western Auto – Revelation Firearms Western Auto – Revelation Firearms WESTERN AUTO- REVELATION Sold firearms under the following models and the company that manufactured them.

    Are there any makers of accurate 22 LR rifles?

    But then there’s TODAY. Today, there are basically TWO makers of accurate .22 rifles left in the world that turn out factory rifles rather than custom benchrest rigs.

    Where is the magazine located on a 22LR rifle?

    The magazine was located in the buttstock and loaded through the buttplate, holding 14 .22 LR cartridges. The steel striker and bolt ran in grooves in the self-lubricating nylon receiver. Other parts, such as the trigger and trigger guard, were stainless steel or steel stampings.

    How much does a 22LR rifle cost on the market?

    To put it in layman’s terms, you may find on the market a .22 starter rifle for 1 C-note or one ostentatiously expensive for almost US$5000. During the Cold war, the .22LR was one of the rarest calibers that have been almost as popular with both Soviets and Western sport shooters.