How do I update my Eee PC?

How do I update my Eee PC?

Upgrading the BIOS (Firmware) of your Eee

  1. Prepare an USB drive formatted with FAT16 filesystem. Note that a SD card won’t work, unless you insert it in an USB card reader.
  2. Open the downloaded file. It should contain a file named like 701-ASUS-0801.
  3. Reboot and press Alt+F2 during the boot.

What happened to Xandros?

As of October 2013, Xandros’ website is unresponsive (with their last update being in November 2009) and DistroWatch lists Xandros as discontinued. On 1 January 2018, it was announced that PC/OpenSystems LLC purchased Xandros and Linspire from Bridgeways, Inc.

How to install Windows XP on an Eee PC?

Select 1 to start the XP-install. Now the XP install will (hopefully) start. Install XP as normal. After the first reboot press again ESC to select the stick again as the boot-device. Then select “2” from the menu, to continue the install. After another reboot, do the same again. Then XP should be installed.

How do I install Windows XP on a USB stick?

On the command screen, change your drive type and give XP setup a source path. First, type 0 and press Enter so that USB Stick appears at the end of the line. Then, type 1 and press Enter and to select the Microsoft Windows XP path. (Browse to the CD drive or the path on the HDD where you have your XP installation files).

Where does the power cable go on an Asus Eee PC?

Install the unit as you see below: The large connection goes where the IDE cable would normally go and connects to the Asus Eee PC directly via USB. The power cable supplies the drive with juice and has an OnOff switch directly on the cable (don’t forget to switch on).

Where to find I386 directory on Eee PC?

The I386-directory can be found on the USB stick in some “$”-directory. I skipped the files that were already present – so it took only 1 minute or so. Important 2: I had boot problems when specifying the stick as a boot-device in the EEE-BIOS. But I fixed it: I pressed ESC during the ASUS boot-screen and then select the USB-stick from the list.