How much does a Remington 30 06 rifle cost?

How much does a Remington 30 06 rifle cost?

A REMINGTON 30 06 rifle is currently worth an average price of $872.07 new and $798.60 used . The 12 month average price is $814.09 new and $796.87 used.

When did the Remington Model 700 rifle come out?

When the Model 700 was introduced by Remington in 1962, hardly anyone expected that it would dominate the rifle market for a half-century.

What’s the price of a Springfield 30 06?

30-06 springfield- new – 535700228 24 inch ” barrel PRICE: $549.99 MANUFACTURER: Winchester

What’s the difference between the Remington 700 and 700 SPS?

Remington 700 SPS – This Special Purpose Synthetic rifle is the upgraded version of Remington’s 700 ADL Synthetic value priced hunting rifle. The rigle has an ergonomically designed stock and comes in a youth size. They are similar in most respects to the 700P but lack the H-S Precision stock. and the SPS Tactical has the 20″ heavy barrel.

How much does a Remington Colt barrel cost?

45 ACP WW2 US Property 1911A1 Remington Rand 1943 Excellent Correct COLT 1911 5 inch ” barrel PRICE: $2,125.00 MANUFACTURER: Remington

What’s the value of a Remington Targetmaster Model 510?

Street value is around $150 today. It should not be expected to appreciate much in the next 25 to 50 years; there were amazing numbers made, they have very long service lives, and inexpensive competitors continue to be built. If you buy one, buy it to use it, not to store and resell it at a later date.

What did Frederic Remington print in the 1890’s?

1890 Engraved image titled, “The Navajo Indians, The Navajo Church-Natural Rock, A Navajo Warrior, Mounted Navajo, Navajo boys with Sheep, Haystacks-Natural Rock Foundation, A Navajo Scout and Navajo Hogan or Lodge.” 11 x 16in. $75 1890 Engraved image titled, “Questionable Companionship.”