How much does it cost to buy a supercomputer?

How much does it cost to buy a supercomputer?

How much does a supercomputer cost? So, you’re in the market for a top-of-the-line supercomputer. Aside from the $6 to $7 million in annual energy costs, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 million to $250 million for design and assembly, not to mention the maintenance costs.

What was the cost of a Cray 1 supercomputer?

Designer Seymour Cray
Release date 1975
Units sold Over 80
Price US$7.9 million in 1977 (equivalent to $33.7 million in 2020)

Is supercomputer most expensive?

At 100 billion Yen ($1.25 billion), K is the most expensive supercomputer ever built, too. The USA’s fastest supercomputer, the 1.7-petaflops Cray Jaguar at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, is currently being upgraded to become the 20-petaflops Cray Titan.

Which is the first super computer in India?

PARAM 8000
But, India soon took it upon itself to develop its own indigenous supercomputer and shocked the world in 1991 with the PARAM 8000. This is the incredible story of India’s first supercomputer.

Can I buy my own supercomputer?

Now, companies like Procter & Gamble (PG) and PayPal are buying their own supercomputers. “They have problems that are more complicated, but also because it’s become a lot more affordable,” IDC’s Conway said. That’s not possible with the kinds of projects that supercomputers tackle.

How big is the Red Storm supercomputer?

The Red Storm supercomputer was designed to be highly scalable from a single cabinet to hundreds of cabinets and has been scaled-up twice. In 2006 the system was upgraded to 2.4 GHz Dual-Core Opterons. An additional fifth row of computer cabinets were also brought online resulting in over 26,000 processor cores.

What is the purpose of Red Storm computing?

Red Storm is intended for capability computing. That is, a single application can be run on the entire system. This is in contrast to cluster-style capacity computing, in which portions of a cluster are assigned to run different applications.

How much does it cost to run a supercomputer?

The initial cost of the unit were approximately $60 million, funded by U.S Department of Energy (DoE) which is raised to $97millions due to addition of Storage system. Purpose/Usage: Use to simulate Molecular physics, energy, activity and interaction between electron and atom, global atmosphere modeling.

Which is the number 1 supercomputer in the world?

Sequoia Sequoia – Blue Gene/Q supercomputer manufactured by IBM for National Nuclear Security Administration (NSSA) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) is deployed over the site in June 2012 and gain the world #1supercomputer award.