What is mean by retrieving?

What is mean by retrieving?

verb (used with object), re·trieved, re·triev·ing. to recover or regain: to retrieve the stray ball. to bring back to a former and better state; restore: to retrieve one’s fortunes. to make amends for: to retrieve an error. to make good; repair: to retrieve a loss.

What does file retrieval mean?

Retrieval is the act of getting something back, or of accessing stored data and files in a computer. An example of retrieval is when you access a file that you saved on a hard drive on your computer.

What means reclaim?

transitive verb. 1a : to recall from wrong or improper conduct : reform. b : tame, subdue. 2a : to rescue from an undesirable state also : to restore to a previous natural state reclaim mining sites.

What is mean by simultaneously?

1 : existing or occurring at the same time : exactly coincident. 2 : satisfied by the same values of the variables simultaneous equations.

How can I recover data?

In order to retrieve the desired data the user present a set of criteria by a query. Then the DBMS selects the demanded data from the database. The retrieved data may be stored in a file, printed, or viewed on the screen. A query language, such as Structured Query Language (SQL), is used to prepare the queries.

What does call retrieved mean on Android?

Call resumed
During an ongoing call, a popup window or info is shown on the display depending on the other person’s action. Call resumed or Call retrieved by other party appears when the person you are talking to takes you off hold.

What is an example of retrieved?

Retrieve is defined as to find and bring or to bring back or restore, whether physically or mentally. An example of retrieve is for a dog to bring a bone back to his owner after the owner threw the bone into the air. An example of retrieve is to recover lost files on a computer. To fetch or carry back something.

What is the best free recovery software?

Top 10 Best Free Data Recovery Software

  1. Disk Drill. Disk Drill is unquestionably a formidable hard drive data recovery software that ranks high in the information technology industry.
  2. Recuva.
  3. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.
  4. PhotoRec.
  5. Stellar Phoenix.
  6. Undelete 360.
  7. Data Rescue.
  8. R-Studio.

What is the difference between claim and reclaim?

To claim is to declare or take ownership of something. To reclaim is to retake something lost. An injured quarterback must reclaim the starting position from his replacement.

How can I reclaim my life?

15 Beautiful Ways To Reclaim Your Life When You’re Broken

  1. Stop using the word “broken,” as a start. via GIPHY.
  2. Make a list of the things you need to stop doing.
  3. Stop hating on yourself.
  4. Change the conversation.
  5. Surround yourself with warriors.
  6. Get a sponsor.
  7. Do some real research.
  8. Take care of yourself.

What is mean by alternatively?

B2. used to suggest another possibility: We could go to the Indian restaurant, or alternatively, we could try that new Italian place. Synonym. instead.

What you should know about thrive?

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Does thrive actually work?

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What do we need to truly thrive?

The first need is respect . We need to be around people who are courteous and considerate. People who are routinely patronizing, condescending or passive aggressive, drain the life out of us and keep us from thriving. The next need is recognition.

What does it take to thrive?

The results suggested thriving is likely to involve a combination of being optimistic, focused and in control, knowing what needs to be improved, being highly motivated, developing holistically (as a person as well as an athlete ), seeing upward progression, and having a sense of belonging.