Are there any pictures of a great dane?

Are there any pictures of a great dane?

Great dane – Deutsche Dogge Deutsche Dogge blauen Farbschlages auf einer Wiese. Great dane on a field. great dane stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images German dog in the style of cartoon.

Which is Great Dane has the smallest Paw?

‘I don’t get it. He had the smallest paws in the whole litter.’ “His father came from a family of climbers.” Dog Show: Great Dane Category. ‘Sure, it’s our pool. . . but who’s going to tell him that?’ ‘Over there! Isn’t that my missing ceramic frying pan?’ ‘I don’t care if he’s everyone’s friend. I still don’t like dog kisses.’

Where can I find a great dane license pack?

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Is a Great Dane a good dog to have?

They are a good breed for the novice dog owner. The Great Dane is a gentle-tempered and calm dog with a deep loyalty to his family. He can be a strong protector. Proper socialization when young is very important to this breed if you want him to be a great companion.

What does a great dane look like?

The Great Dane is a giant, powerful dog. Square in body, but females may be slightly longer than tall. The long head is rectangular in shape. The muzzle is deep, with a pronounced stop. The nose is black, blue/black on blue Danes or black spotted on the harlequins.

Are Great Danes good dogs to own?

The answer is Yes . Great danes are good guard dogs used by individuals and celebrities to protect them from external attacks. When properly trained, great danes can protect your kids and mount a guard around your house.

Is a Great Dane a good guard dog?

Although large in size, the Great Dane is ind and gentle. This breed was initially a boar hunter and estate guard dog and his energetic and loyal nature made him very good at what he did. Although a hunting and guard dog in the past, the Great Dane is a friendly dog by nature. This breed comes in a variety of colors including mantle,…