Can you muzzleloader a shotgun?

Can you muzzleloader a shotgun?

Muzzleloaders are most commonly rifles. However, there are also smooth-bored muzzleloaders—shotguns. Shotgun muzzleloaders can have either a single barrel or double barrels joined side-by-side. When loading the double-barreled muzzleloader, it’s critical to avoid putting the two loads down the same barrel.

What caliber do you shoot a turkey with?

Thanks to modern turkey loads and turkey chokes, both 12 and 20 gauge do a good job at taking down a turkey. With Federal Premium Ammunition’s TSS turkey loads, even . 410 shotguns are viable turkey guns. Many hunters choose to use a choke with their turkey guns to keep the pattern of the shot tight.

Can I shoot slugs without a rifled barrel?

Because the barrel is rifled, the projectile does not need to be rifled. A rifled slug is what you want to shoot out a smooth bore barrel. Because the barrel is smooth, the projectile will not rotate appropriately unless it has rifling on it.

What kind of barrel do I need for a Remington 870?

If you’re serious about your rifle’s durability, this barrel might be a good accessory to start with. This 12-gauge 18.5’’ barrel comes with a matte finish and manganese Parkerized, with a fixed choke. It fits shotguns with a 2 ¾” to 3” chamber, but is not threaded for choke tubes. It has an external magazine cap retainer and a front bead.

What should I change the gauge on my Remington 870?

Improve the versatility and performance of your shotgun with our high-quality barrels… Improve the versatility and performance of your shotgun with our high-quality barrels. Change up the gauge from 12 to 20, increase the length or simply go for a different look.

Which is the best Remington muzzleloader to buy?

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Can you change the bead on a Remington 870?

The bead on the sight can be changed, but the sight itself is threaded into a pedestal, which is brazed to the barrel, so it may be difficult to remove the sight. This will be great for the sake of hunting and even some applications that will allow for extended periods of long-term use.