Spotify Free Accounts 2018 Updated 19thJuly (Email+Password)


So what is Spotify? and why it is one of the trendiest Online Music streaming services, well, the answer to the question is Spotify is a popular streaming music service, where you can listen to a large music collection without buying it.

If you take up a plan of $12 you can listen to it without advertising, but it is also possible to create a free account. But none wants to spend money on listening Music so don’t worry we got you covered.

Spotify Free Accounts 2018 Updated 19thJuly (Email+Password)

Listen to music in one place

With Spotify, you have the possibility to search for specific songs, artists or albums. Search results are already visible as you type. That works nicely. Who is a paying customer listens advertising-free on all devices? You can only listen to one device at a time. As a family, you need multiple subscriptions if you want to listen to music at the same time. With Spotify, it is possible to buy multiple subscriptions for the whole family for a lower price.

Free listening: the pros and cons

With Spotify, you can listen to unlimited music with a free account. You can choose the numbers yourself on your computer. On your mobile and tablet, you can listen to albums, artists or playlists in random order. But this shuffle mode is so popular that many people are not bothered by this. There are a number of reasons for becoming a paying customer:

  1. You no longer hear and see advertisements while listening;
  2. You can play specific songs on all devices and are not dependent on shuffle mode;
  3. You can opt for higher sound quality of 320 kbps;
  4. You can store music offline so that you can listen on a laptop without an internet connection and a smartphone with a limited data bundle.
  5. You can use ‘Spotify Connect’ which allows you to connect to a number of external devices such as Google Chomecast Audio.


Well, everyone wants to get Spotify for free and listen to it Ads free and also download your desired song.

We cannot provide LOGIN details here directly because many of users change the password So if anyone Needs an account Join The Techfire Facebook Group: You will get the email and updated password there:

The social aspect of Spotify

In Spotify, you can follow people: friends, artists, and other famous people. If you want to, you can create a link with Facebook. Then you immediately see which Facebook friends also use Spotify. Everything you do as a user is in principle public. Others see which songs you listen to and which playlists you have. They can also see who you are following and who follows you. All of this is a nice addition, but you have to turn it off yourself if you do not want this.


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