What are the two types of grenade?

What are the two types of grenade?

Anti-personnel fragmentation grenades can be divided into two main types, defensive and offensive, where the former are designed to be used from a position of cover, (e.g. in a slit trench or behind a suitable wall,) and have an effective radius greater than the distance it can be thrown, while the latter are for …

Are grenades the same as bombs?

Grenade, small explosive, chemical, or gas bomb that is used at short range. The word grenade probably derived from the French word for pomegranate, because the bulbous shapes of early grenades resembled that fruit.

What does a real grenade look like?

Grenades are typically oval/round-shaped with a “pineapple” or “baseball” appearance that fits the grasp of a normal-sized hand, but may also be mounted at the end of a handle, known as a “stick grenade”.

What types of grenades are there?

What are the different types of grenades? The US military divides hand grenades into six categories: fragmentation, chemical, offensive, nonlethal, smoke, and practice and training. Fragmentation grenades, often referred to simply as “frags”, produce a high-velocity projection of fragments.

What makes a grenade different from other grenades?

Grenades come in a variety of sizes and shapes depending on their function, but all have two things in common. First, they are hollow to allow filling with explosive or chemical filler. Second, they contain a threaded hole into which a fuse can be inserted.

How much does a football charge grenade weigh?

“Since a regulation size football weighs 14 ounces, it was considered feasible to make a shaped charge grenade within this weight limitation,” according to the official test report. “In addition, most U.S. troops are familiar with throwing footballs.”

How big was a hand grenade in World War 2?

By 1944, the Army Ordnance Department was working with the OSS on various prototypes. OSS specifically proposed a weapon that would be no more than nine and a half inches in circumference and weigh five or so ounces—the same as a regulation baseball. The Mark II was four times as heavy as this proposed design.

How big is the charge of a fragmentation grenade?

Fragmentation grenades contain an explosive charge in a metal body, designed to break into fragments upon the charge exploding. They typically weigh about 21 oz (595 g), and are constructed of cast iron. Chemical grenades are designed to produce a toxic or irritating effect, a screening or signal smoke,…