What does CTG stand for on a 38 Special?

What does CTG stand for on a 38 Special?

Also, CTG is an abbreviation for cartridge, not a model name. The stamping just indicates the gun is chambered for the.38 Special cartridge. Model names didn’t start until 1957. Until then, your model was known as the.38 Military & Police revolver as mentioned before.

How big is the barrel on A.38 special?

Smith & Wesson makes .38 Special revolvers. The .38 Special CTG revolver is a six-shooter with a 6-inch barrel.

How to identify a Smith and wesson.38 special CTG?

Count the number of chambers on the revolver. The .38 Special CTG is a six-shooter. Measure the barrel and make sure it is six inches. Cross reference the serial number with Smith & Wesson’s customer service (see Resources). Submit the serial number to the S&W service via email to confirm the firearm is indeed the .38 Special CTG.

When did the s and W special CTG come out?

Military & Police Model shipped between 1915-42. The # on the bottom of the grip frame is the serial #. S&W made a lot of these over the years since they’re very good, solid, accurate guns. My Father-In-Law carried one for over 50 years, shot it a lot, seldom cleaned it & it still works good today.

When did s and W start stamping serial numbers?

You have a .38 Military & Police model of 1905, 4th change, dating from the 1920s. I believe that S&W began stamping the one line “Made in USA” on the right side after 1921. The large ejector rod knob went away in the late twenties. Correct serial number is on the butt and at the rear of the cylinder.

What’s the serial number on an M & p 38?

The other number you posted is an assembly number used during manufacture to keep mated parts together. Your serial number is also high enough to indicate that the cylinder is heat treated for added strength. Your old M&P should shoot well using standard velocity ammo or target loads.

When did the 38 Special cartridge come out?

The.38 Special was designed and entered production in 1898 as an improvement over the.38 Long Colt which, as a military service cartridge, was found to have inadequate stopping power against the charges of Filipino Muslim warriors during the Philippine–American War.

When did the Smith and Wesson 38 Special come out?

Probably 1970, could be early 1971. I own D366xxx and it shipped 5/71. It is a 5″ barrel. I paid $450 for it in 2017. You can use pretty much any .38 special in it and even shoot +P (but no real reason to). I put 38 rounds into the target 10 yards away the first time I fired the gun. 158gr .38 specials. Probably 1970, could be early 1971.

What’s the value of a Smith and Wesson Model 10?

Your gun appears to be in very good condition and, as such, should fetch between $450 and $550. The model 10 started production in 1899 as the model “38 Military $ Police”, and when S&W began assigning model numbers to their guns in 1957-58 it became the model 10.

What is value of my dad’s 38 S and W special CTG?

Based on what I’ve seen on these Model 15s recently, your Dad’s gun would sell for between $550-650. On the high end if you still have the box, papers and tools. Hi, I have just bought a Smith and Wesson 38 special CTG and would like to know how old it is, and also the value if possible.

Is the 32 Winchester CTG pistol still available?

The revolver was know as the Military & Police model and was chambered for several cartridges including 38 Special, 32 WCF and 38 S&W. Today (actually since 1957) it is known as the Model 10 and is still available. I have two of the 32 WCF, also known as the Winchester Model.

What’s the price of a Smith and Wesson 38?

Smith & Wesson Model 637 Compact Revolver 38 Special 38SPL 2″ 163050 S&W NR 022188630503 2 inch ” barrel PRICE: $435.00 MANUFACTURER: Smith & Wesson

What kind of cartridge is the Smith and Wesson 15?

It is chambered for the .38 Special cartridge and is fitted with a 4-inch (100 mm) barrel, though additional barrel options have been offered at various times during its production. Originally known as the “K-38 Combat Masterpiece”, it was renamed the Model 15 in 1957 when all Smith & Wesson revolvers were given numerical model numbers.

How many Smith and Wesson Special CTG revolvers are there?

Two (2) Smith & Wesson .38 Cal. Special CTG revolvers. 1st item: Smith & Wesson Special .38 caliber Military & Police Model of 1905 4th Change revolver, serial no. 290483, bottom of butt, back of cylinder, and below ejector rod beneath barrel with B inspector mark, serial no. 9081, inside the crane and the frame.