What is conducting and non conducting materials?

What is conducting and non conducting materials?

Conductors—highly conductive materials (e.g., metals such as silver, gold, or copper)—are used for manufacturing electrical wires and cables. Insulators—materials with poor electrical conductivity (e.g., rubber or plastic)—are used for making insulation and other electrical protection products.

What are conducting materials give any three properties?


  • Conductivity (σ) : The conductivity (σ) is the reciprocal of electrical resistivity of the material.
  • Tensile Strength :
  • Ductility :
  • Corrosion Resistance :
  • Effect of Alloying on Resistivity :
  • Effect of Alloying on Mechanical Properties :
  • Solderability :
  • Brittleness:

What is the definition of a conductor give some examples of conducting materials?

A conductor is any piece of material that easily allows heat or electricity to pass through it. Many different materials can be conductors but metals are the best conducting materials that are available to us. Examples of Conductors: 1. Copper wire is often used in electrical wire to conduct electricity.

What is the classification of conducting materials?

Conducting materials may be classified into three groups: conductors, semiconductors and imperfect insulators. This section will cover only conductors.In general, metals and alloys are conductors of electricity. The most common metals used in electricity are copper, aluminium and their alloys.

How are conducting materials used in Electrical Engineering?

It is interesting to know the applications of these materials in the field of Electrical Engineering, like the type of materials used in Transmission lines, Electrical Machines, Starters, and Rheostats, etc., along with different conducting materials, we will also go through their alloys.

Which is the best definition of conductive material?

conductive material meaning, conductive material definition | English Cobuild dictionary. Search also in: Web News Encyclopedia Images. A conductive substance is able to conduct things such as heat and electricity.

Which is the best definition of a conductor?

Definition of conductor. d (1) : a material or object that permits an electric current to flow easily Copper wire is a good conductor. — compare insulator, semiconductor (2) : a material capable of transmitting another form of energy (such as heat or sound)…

How is material removed from a conductive material?

For electrically conductive materials, electro-discharge machining (EDM) is possible for intricate and complex shapes. Here the workpiece is immersed in a dielectric fluid and material is removed by erosion caused by electrical discharge between the electrode and the workpiece.