What is the maximum range of AK-47?

What is the maximum range of AK-47?

350 m
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Effective firing range 350 m (380 yd)
Feed system 20-round, 30-round detachable box magazine There are also 40-round, 75-round drum magazines available
Sights 100–800 m adjustable iron sights Sight radius: 378 mm (14.9 in)

HOW FAR CAN 7.62 x39 bullet travel?

The maximum effective(useful) range of the 7.62×39 round is generally considered to be 400 yards / 400 meters. According to ballistic charts, a typical 7.62×39 bullet would travel well beyond 1000 yards given an un-obstructed trajectory.

Is AK47 good for long range?

The (CW) AK-47 is an assault rifle, so it works best at long range, but you can actually deck it out to feel more like an SMG. One of the quirks of the Cold War assault rifles is that they offer high mobility (more so than Modern Warfare assault rifles).

How much does a 7.62 x39 drop at 100 yards?

For a combat rifle zeroed at 100 yards, a 7.62×39 bullet will drop about 27 inches at 300 yards. Two feet is roughly the length of an average human torso from shoulder to hip. If you measure from head to groin, it’ll be closer to three feet.

Is the Black Ops AK-47 good in warzone?

The Cold War AK-47 is a dominating force in Warzone Season 4, and you can make it even more powerful with the right loadout featuring top perks and attachments. The AK-47 is one of the most iconic weapons in Black Ops Cold War, and that hasn’t changed for this Assault Rifle during Season 4.

What is the best loadout for the AK-47?

Best AK-47 loadout and attachments in Warzone

  • Muzzle: GRU Suppressor (unlocks at level 46)
  • Optic: Microflex LED (unlocks at level 32)
  • Stock: KGB Skeletal Stock (unlocks at level 54)
  • Ammunition: 45 Rnd Speed Mag (unlocks at level 25)
  • Rear Grip: GRU Elastic Wrap (unlocks at level 53)

What’s the effective range of an AK47 bullet?

The practical effective range is 300–400 yards. Effective meaning that you can hit the thing you are aiming at. For practical accuracy, 300metres is about as far as you’re going to be able to hit point targets with any degree of accuracy. The AK47’s 7.62x39mm bullet is a relatively short and fat projectile, which is not very aerodynamic.

Where do you aim an AK 47 at?

With the AK-47, you would want to aim at the bottom center of the throat of the enemy soldier and your bullet would hit just above the belt somewhere between the left and right hip at that distance. This is NOT considered an “accurate” rifle.

How to use AK47 rifle 7.62×39 Russian?

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Are there any drawbacks to the AK 47?

The most serious drawback to the AK-47 is the low muzzle velocity of the relatively heavy 7.62mm round. This results in a looping trajectory that requires a clumsy adjustment for accuracy at ranges beyond 300 meters. Sources: Wikipedia and www.ak-47.us