When was the first American Bulldog revolver made?

When was the first American Bulldog revolver made?

This is an early 2nd pattern IJ Bulldog. They were made between 1885 and 1897 according to George Layman in his fine book The British Bulldog. These revolvers were made for the retail trade and were marketed by a number of different stores. They are unmarked except for the American Bulldog logo on the barrel.

Is there a serial number for an American Bulldog 32cal?

OLD 32cal.bulldog with eagle grips any idea on the year thanks. there are no known factory serial number records for the american bulldog. dating of these revolvers can only be done by era of manufacture. manufactured by iver johnson’s arms & cycle works for black powder cartridge pressure and are not safe with modern ammo.

What are the different sizes of American Bulldog pistols?

Offered in four frame sizes and six calibers. Saw handle shaped grip frame and Eagle design on the hard rubber grip panels. All are Nickel finished.

How big is a Adams 450 caliber revolver?

This large frame commercial 450 caliber Adams revolver is in fine to excellent condition. The overall length is approx. 11.5″. The 6″ octagon barrel has an excellent rifled bore. The front sight is a tall, narrow blade and the rear is a notch just forward of the hammer.

What kind of gun does Iver Johnson make?

It is perhaps best known as a major manufacturer of inexpensive but serviceable pocket-size revolvers in .22 rimfire, .32 S&W, and .38 S&W calibers, serving the same sizable market niche as Hopkins & Allen and Harrington & Richardson in the late-19th through mid-20th centuries.

When did the Iver Johnson Owl come out?

During that time, beginning in 1890, the Iver Johnson owl’s head logo appeared on the grips of most of its revolvers.

What did the Iver Johnson hammer spur stand for?

Its best-known marketing slogan, “Hammer the hammer,” referred to a hammer-block safety and frame-mounted firing pin that prevented a revolver from firing accidentally if dropped on the hammer spur, introduced in 1904 on the popular Safety Automatic double-action revolver line. Iver Johnson continued arms production until it was liquidated in 1993.