Where can I buy parts for a savage shotgun?

Where can I buy parts for a savage shotgun?

Numrich has a huge selection of Savage/Stevens/Springfield shotgun parts for sale and has been a leader in providing new and used parts to the shooting community since 1950. Find the Savage shotgun parts that you need to complete your repair today!

What kind of butt stock does Savage Model 30 use?

What we have here is a butt stock for a Savage model 30. Stevens model 77, Springfield model 67 this stock may require a small amount of fitting from gun to gun but all were mfg. By sav.

How much does Savage Stevens single barrel shotgun cost?

NO RESERVE auction for a Stock Bolt and Washers for a Savage Stevens Model 9478 single barrel Shotgun. 12GA. Overall in fine used condition. Winning bidder pays all shipping charges. $5.95 for USPS priority shipping anywhere in the lower 48. Combined shipping for purchase of multiple items.

When to return Savage / Stevens 940e forend stock?

Savage/Stevens 940E FOREND Stock FOR REPARE Stock needs light refinishing- has some light scrapes and catch latch broken pik#2 and a small creck# 3 but very refurbishable I COMBINE SHIPPING WAIT FOR MY INVOICE. SHIPPING TO US ONLY My Guarantee*If you are not happy with the merchandise just return it Within 14 days.


How many machine guns did Savage Arms make?

By the end of the Second World War, they had produced 2.5 million machine guns, sub-machine guns, and infantry rifles. This was accomplished using as many as 13,000 employees and working around the clock shifts, seven days a week. Savage may well have been one of the most diverse and prolific of all the firearms companies.

When did Savage Arms make the Model 99?

The Model 99 was so far ahead of its time that it successfully competed in the market for years. Savage Arms became involved in manufacturing pistols with the introduction of the 1907 auto-loader, which was chambered in .32 or .380 caliber.

Who was the inventor of the savage rifle?

An established manufacturer of Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, and Combination Guns since 1894. Shop our selection of hard to find Savage Arms parts today! Arthur William Savage was born in Kingston, Jamaica, on June 13, 1857. In 1892, at the age of 35, he was well on his way to developing the Savage Model 99 lever-action rifle.