How do you beat Vilgax in Ben 10 Protector of Earth?

How do you beat Vilgax in Ben 10 Protector of Earth?


  1. Kalahkan vilgax pake cheat…
  2. First you batle him with 4arms thenhe will recarge go use accelerate use his special at the buttons then se canonbolt to ride the ramp and hit him.
  3. And the last part use Wildvine to swing and hit him.
  4. It is not a easy mission but it will get easy when you play it again and again.

Is Vilgax stronger than four arms?

In Perfect Day Four Arms defeated Vilgax in dream where dream Vilgax was possibly still very strong and in Back with a vengeance Four Arms in one part for a second throw Vilgax and Kevin off himself. Humungousaur was sadly defeated by Vilgax every time and the biggest defeat was in Vengeance of Vilgax Part 2.

What episode does Ben fight Vilgax?

Vengeance of Vilgax: Pt.2
“Ben 10: Alien Force” Vengeance of Vilgax: Pt. 2 (TV Episode 2009) – IMDb.

Does Vilgax ever get the Omnitrix?

Eventually, his body was repaired and cybernetically enhanced in Secrets, making him far taller and stronger than before. He then went on Earth to get the Omnitrix by himself. Ben’s aliens proved to be no match for him, and Vilgax captured him.

Who is stronger four arms vs humungousaur?

According to this, from Dwaye McDuffie, Four Arms is stronger than Humungousaur, and they’re both stronger than Swampfire.

Why did Chromastone become Diamondhead?

Chromastone possesses enhanced strength. Chromastone can generate light from his hands. Although it isn’t one of Chromastone’s natural abilities, just an intervention of the Omnitrix, Chromastone transformed into Diamondhead after Vilgax shattered him.

Is vilgax stronger than Thanos?

Considering their respective base abilities, Thanos definitely has the upper hand. But after Vilgax conquered the ten worlds, he absorbed the powers of all the heroes of the 10 worlds. So in the end he is more intelligent than Thanos. He is incredibly tough and has impenetrable defence.

Is vilgax a Cthulhu?

Vilgax is similar to Cthulhu, both in appearance and plan to conquer the universe.

Who can beat humungousaur?

Despite being so strong, vilgax easily stopped him from punching one tetramand. Conclusion: Humungousaur has the strength and size advantage, but fourarms is a lot quicker than him. However, the only way to win humungousaur is by electricity or to be bigger and stronger than him(at strength).

Who is faster XLR8 or fasttrack?

XLR8 clocks in at 329,184 kmh. Good but Fasttrack is about four times faster than that. In the episode Monster Weather, XLR8 was able to consistently dodge lighting which can move at speeds of over 354,000,000 kmh, which is 290 times faster than Fasttrack!

What species is Chromastone?


Species Crystalsapien
DNA Origin Sugilite
When Obtained Prior to Petropia’s destruction
When Unlocked/ Locked Ben 10 Returns: Part 1

Can a swampfire fly?

Swampfire is capable of limited flight through means of launching fire from his palms as jet propulsion, much like Heatblast. He is also capable of breathing fire, as demonstrated by Swamps.

What happens in Ben 10 Protector of Earth?

Ben 10: Protector of Earth is the second Ben 10 console game. While sleeping near the Grand Canyon, a mosquito-like drone begins absorbing DNA from Ben ‘s Omnitrix. Ben wakes up to see a large object crashing into the Grand Canyon, and Drones are rampaging in the Grand Canyon.

Where does Ben 10 find his alien DNA?

Ben tracks the rest of his alien DNA to a re-enactment of the Civil War at New Orleans, and while searching, the Tennysons are attacked by Dr. Animo ‘s mutants. To make matters worse, Animo kidnaps Gwen.

How does Ben change into XLR8 in Ben 10?

Strangely, Ben can only change into Four Arms and Heatblast. After fighting most of the robots, Ben fights a giant robot, and after defeating it, it expels a crystal (referred to as Omnitrix Crystals); and by absorbing it into the Omnitrix, he is now able to change into XLR8 .

Who was possessed by ZS skayr in Ben 10?

After beating Hex, it is revealed that he was actually possessed by Zs’Skayr. At the Plumber base of Mount Rushmore, Zs’Skayr steals the Ethereal Amplifier for Vilgax. Ben tracks Zs’Skayr to the Chicago Lake Front, where the latter reveals that he has used the crystals to supercharge three of his minions to fight Ben.