How much should a good shotgun cost?

How much should a good shotgun cost?

You can get a great starter for around $1,000, but if you’re an enthusiast and a collector you might spend up to $4,500!

What is a Mossberg 500A 12 gauge shotgun worth?

What is a MOSSBERG 500A shotgun Worth? A MOSSBERG 500A shotgun is currently worth an average price of $272.39 used . The 12 month average price is $295.09 used. The used value of a MOSSBERG 500A shotgun has fallen ($82.32) dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $272.39 .

Where can I buy a Miroku 12 gauge shotgun?

At Guntrader, we have a huge range of new and used Miroku shotguns for sale. Our catalogue includes some of brand’s most popular models, including MK 38, MK 70, MK 60 and many more. Shop here today to find your perfect Miroku shotgun. Miroku ‘MK70 Game’ over and under 12 gauge shotgun.

What kind of shotgun is Miroku 3800 S?

Miroku 3800 s Grade 4 sporterised trap gun 30 inch barrels Choked at 3/8s 5/8s Lovely wood very good condition with kick ez comes with browning case £900 O.N.O Part exchange welcome and RFD transfer is available to your local dealer.

What kind of wood does a Miroku Sporter use?

A 2012 just serviced MK 38 Grade 5 sporter with gorgeously dark figured wood. The stock is in extremely good condition, and we don’t say that lightly. A couple of marks, but overall a truly beautiful bit of kit. The engraved action is in very… This is a second hand Miroku MK38 Grade 1 Teagued Sporter with 30” m/c barrels.

How tall are the barrels on a Miroku trap gun?

This is a Miroku MK38 Grade 1 Trap Gun with 30″ barrels made back in 2008. It has been altered from original – the comb height has been reduced to height that is essentially a flat ‘sporter’ height, the original 3/4 & Full chokes in the barrels… This is a second hand Miroku MK38 Grade 1 Trap Gun with 30″ barrels with the original 3/4 & Full chokes.