What is the difference between Benelli Nova and Super Nova?

What is the difference between Benelli Nova and Super Nova?

Differences Between the Benelli Nova and Supernova The Supernova features a wider stock and a large trigger guard. The spacious trigger guard allows you to pull the trigger with a lot of ease. Conversely, the Nova comes with a single receiver and stock that makes it less flexible and adaptable than the Supernova.

Can you change barrels on a Benelli Nova?

You can, if you pay the appropriate NFA tax and register it as an nfa sbs. There are existing short Nova’s on the market with 14″ barrels for $745 +/- plus $200 tax stamp and transfer fee.

Is a Benelli SuperNova worth it?

The SuperNova is a very reliable shotgun, pump action shotguns, in general, are quite reliable. There isn’t much that can go wrong with them. For this reason, buying a used pump shotgun is not a bad option.

Where is the Benelli Nova made?


Benelli Nova
Place of origin Italy
Production history
Manufacturer Benelli
Unit cost USD $350–455

Does Benelli make rifled barrels?

This model of the M2 is outfitted with a rifled slug barrel, making it ideal for deer, bears and wild hogs. A synthetic stock makes it suitable for hunting in any weather. An Inertia-Driven® System shotgun is clean, reliable, and adjustment-free.

What choke does Benelli Nova use?

Yes, the Benelli Nova and SuperNova pump shotguns do use Beretta/Benelli Mobil threaded chokes.

How many shells can a Benelli Nova hold?

On the loading instructions it says my Benelli Nova can take up to 4 2 3/4 shells in the magazine.

What kind of follower does a Benelli Nova use?

This follower fits Benelli Nova, Nova Tactical & Super Nova in 12 Gauge. It is good alternative to Nordic Components followers. HFD2 Compression Follower has tail which prevents spring from binding and kinking. Machined from 6061 T6 Aluminum which is lightweight and corrosion resistant.

What’s the problem with the Benelli Supernova shotgun?

Two new Benelli Supernova shotguns had the same problem after just few weeks of use – broken Bolt Latch. The same happened to another shooter which recently bought Benelli Supernova. So it looks like a manufacturing defect. If you bought the Benelli Supernova recently, test it thoroughly on the range and using dummy rounds at home.

What can I add to my Benelli Supernova?

Magazine clamp is inexpensive and very useful upgrade for your competition shotgun. Benelli Supernova comes with standard rubber buttpad which is good but there is better option. You can get gel pads with different length of pull. Also they are softer and work with recoil better. Benelli pads are expensive but they worth the price.

What’s the best upgrade for a Benelli shotgun?

One of the best upgrades for Benelli shotguns or any other vented rib barrel shotguns. The only factory alternative sights for vented rib barrels are made by Tru-Glo: My friend bought a brand new Benelli Supernova and found a choke with defect. One of the chokes had very strange looking edge.