What was the name of the Mauser Model 1914 pistol?

What was the name of the Mauser Model 1914 pistol?

With the Model 1914 “humpback” pistol in production Mauser decided that the additional machining to produce the humpback shape was not actually necessary and so a new design was introduced which eliminated it. Two examples of the Model 1914 7.65mm (.32ACP) Mauser pistols.

What was the first version of the Mauser 7.65mm?

The first version of the 7.65mm Mauser pistol featured a “humpback” shape of the slide in which the thickness of the metal around the ejection port and forward from there was of smaller dimensions than the rear.

Can a Mauser 1911 be opened with an empty magazine?

To operate the pistol it must first be opened, but the slide cannot be opened unless a magazine is inserted. If an empty magazine is inserted then the slide can be pulled back and will lock in place. If the empty magazine is removed the slide will remain locked open: however, if an empty magazine is inserted and pushed home the slide will close.

Where is the safety catch on a 1910 Mauser?

The safety catch of the 6.35mm Model 1910 is a lever to the rear of the trigger which is pressed down to engage.

When was the first Mauser 7.65 mm pistol sold?

The earliest recorded sales of 7.65 mm pistols are listed on page 572 of Baudino and van Vlimmeren’s book Paul Mauser : in February of 1914 two units went “…to the DWM ammunition plant in Karlsruhe…,” one unit went to A. Stahle, a dealer in Stuttgart, and in July 1914 the Landjager Korps of Stuttgart purchased 110 units.

When did the Mauser Pocket Pistol come out?

In the 15 May 1914 issue of the magazine Schuss und Waffe there is an advertisement for the Mauser pocket pistol which notes that the “Caliber 7.65 mm (8 shot) [will be] available from late Autumn of 1914 onwards.”

What is the serial number of a Mauser 6.35 mm?

One such 6.35 mm pistol, serial number 7, is shown on page 76 of Mauser Pistolen . In the case of the 6.35 mm pistol, the ends of the buffer spring fitted into square holes in each side of the slide. The Model 1909 pistols in 6.35 mm may be regarded as prototypes for the Model 1910.

When did Paul Mauser make the humpback pistol?

In Mauser Pocket Pistols 1910-1946 by Roy G. Pender III (on page 99) we see a presentation Mauser Humpback pistol given to Adolph Drossel by Paul Mauser. It is inscribed with the date of March 1914 and has the serial number 130.