Did Harrington and Richardson go out of business?

Did Harrington and Richardson go out of business?

H&R is a subsidiary of the Remington Outdoor Company. H&R ceased production February 27, 2015….H&R Firearms.

Type Subsidiary
Industry Firearms
Founded 1871
Headquarters Ilion, N.Y. (manufacturing), Madison, N.C. (administration)

Who bought Harrington and Richardson guns?

the Marlin Firearms Company
In November of 2000, the Marlin Firearms Company purchased the assets of H&R 1871, Inc. Marketing its products under the brand names of Harrington & Richardson® and New England Firearms®, H&R 1871, LLC is currently the largest manufacturer of single shot shotguns and rifles in the world.

When was the H & are topper Model 58 made?

AP prefix = 1976 manufacture of your topper. I have a H&R Topper Model 58 with the serial code AN260735. Can anyone tell me when it was made? I cant find the year for the prefix AN anywhere. H&R used the letter codes AN in 1975. I have a AR in my serial number. Would you have any idea when it was made? Thank you!

What kind of shotgun is Harrington and Richardson topper?

The Topper has a hardwood stock, case hardened receiver and a blued barrel. It is a simple bead sight with a small notch in the receiver end of the barrel. It is a hammer-fired shotgun and like most single shots it ejects the rounds when opened. It’s simple to disassemble.

What to do with a Harrington and Richardson topper?

I first removed the dented and dinged finish from the forend and the stock. I refinished it with gun stock stain and several coats of a wipe on polyurethane. Then I turned my attention to the barrel. I used steel wool to remove the damaged bluing and the rust that had accumulated on the barrel.

When did Harrington and Richardson stop making guns?

H&R ceased production in 2015. H&R manufactured “private-branded” or “trade-branded” H&R Handy-Guns for other distributors. One variation has ESSEX GUN WORKS on left side of receiver. Another has HIBBARD stamped on left side and MODEL W.H. stamped on right; holster with identical stampings was also available.