Does Java support multiple interfaces?

Does Java support multiple interfaces?

The Java programming language supports multiple inheritance of type, which is the ability of a class to implement more than one interface. As with multiple inheritance of implementation, a class can inherit different implementations of a method defined (as default or static) in the interfaces that it extends.

Does C# allow multiple interfaces?

C# allows the implementation of multiple interfaces with the same method name. To understand how to implement multiple interfaces with the same method name we take an example.

Is multiple interface possible?

Yes, a class can implement multiple interfaces. Each interface provides contract for some sort of behavior.

Which languages supports usage of interface?

Some programming languages provide explicit language support for protocols/interfaces (Ada, C#, D, Dart, Delphi, Go, Java, Logtalk, Object Pascal, Objective-C, PHP, Racket, Seed7, Swift). In C++ interfaces are known as abstract base classes, and are implemented using pure virtual functions.

Can multiple inheritance support in interface?

As we have explained in the inheritance chapter, multiple inheritance is not supported in the case of class because of ambiguity. However, it is supported in case of an interface because there is no ambiguity. It is because its implementation is provided by the implementation class.

What happens if two interface have same method name C#?

Answer: If we have two interface with same method name then a class need to implement interface explicitly in a program. [Note: For this interview question, an interviewer expects explanation of explicit interface implementation with a complete program example.

Can a class inherit multiple interfaces in C#?

Classes can have multiple interfaces, but classes cannot inherit multiple classes. Classes inheriting from more than one class is known as multiple-inheritance. C# does not allow multiple-inheritance.

Can one interface inherit from another?

Interfaces can inherit from one or more interfaces. The derived interface inherits the members from its base interfaces. A class that implements a derived interface must implement all members in the derived interface, including all members of the derived interface’s base interfaces.

Can more than one class implement the same interface?

Yes multiple classes can implement one interface irrespective of being in the same program or different. There is no such restriction. Interface only defines the common methods that should be included in the Implementation classes.

Are there any LMSs that support multiple languages?

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How can I support more than one language?

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How to add Multilingual User Interface support in C + +?

Under Configuration Properties expand C/C++, select Code Generation, and set Runtime Library: Multi-threaded Debug (/MTd). Replace the contents of GuiStep_0.cpp with the following code: Build and run the application.

How to create a solution that supports multiple languages?

If you want your solution to be installed for organizations that include different base languages or that have multiple languages provisioned, take this into account when planning your solution. The following table lists tactics to use along with solution components to include in a solution that supports multiple languages.