How accurate are cap and ball pistols?

How accurate are cap and ball pistols?

Cap & ball revolvers can be very accurate. The solid frame revolvers ,like the Remingtons , were the best. These had a grove on the top frame that acted as the rear sight. The open top Colts were harder to shoot because the rear sight was a v notch in the nose of the hammer.

Are pocket pistols accurate?

In the right hands, pocket pistols, like the Ruger LCR, can be accurate at distances most might expect these little guns to falter. A short sight radius, compact grips and minimal mass all combine to make pocket pistols some of the most difficult handguns to shoot accurately.

How powerful is a cap and ball revolver?

They are making loads with modern materials that are safe for blackpowder guns. They are Very specific for this kind of use! A ball and cap revolver loaded with a 140 gr round ball over 30 grains of fffG black powder will yield ABOUT 242 ft lbs of energy. A ,44 Magnum runs ABOUT 741 ft lbs.

How big is A.31 cap and ball?

Will not fit .31 or .36 caliber cylinders. Cylinder sold separately. This Cap & Ball measure features a swing-over pouring spout for spill free pouring. It is made of brass and measures up to 50 gr. of powder in five grain graduations.

What kind of gun was a cap and ball?

Classic cap and ball revolvers meet modern ballistic gelatin: 31-caliber Colt Baby Dragoon, 36-caliber 1861 Navy revolver, and 44-caliber Uberti Colt 1848 Dragoon. (Photo: Terril James Herbert) I have always wondered exactly how powerful those Civil War pistols were.

Where can I find Colt cap and ball parts?

CAP AND BALL PISTROL PARTS; Bob’s Gun Shop. MILLIONS of Gun Parts! Po Box 200 Royal Ar 71968. Colt Walker Parts. Colt Dragoon Parts. Colt Baby Pocket Model 31 Caliber Parts. Colt Cap and Ball Grips, Colt Cap and Ball Cylinders, Colt Pistol Grips.

How big is a cap and ball revolver?

Compared to modern cartridge guns, cap and ball revolvers are pretty puny. A .44 caliber cap & ball revolver loaded with a 140-grain round ball over 30-grains of 3Fg Goex black powder only generates 242 ft/lbs of energy. In comparison, a 124-grain, 9mm round produces 304 ft/lbs of power.