How can I get hired without an interview?

How can I get hired without an interview?

In some cases, small private companies will hire people simply on the basis of the recommendation of a trusted employee or friend. Some people intensive businesses will hire people based solely on a resume. Often they will validate the resumes through references rather than interviewing.

Can you be offered a job without applying?

It’s true—even if you’re not looking for a new job, with the right mix of experience and skills you just might be a passive job candidate—an attribute prized by recruiters—without even knowing it. It’s clear that being a passive candidate can open up a world of new professional opportunities to you.

How can I get a job without online?

Contact your referees: they are often in the know about the industry, and any jobs that may be coming up. Ask them if they have any work, even casually or temporary contract. Get them to check over your resume and give you feedback. Ask them for a short written reference to be emailed to you.