How much is a Beretta silver snipe shotgun worth?

How much is a Beretta silver snipe shotgun worth?

A BERETTA SILVER SNIPE shotgun is currently worth an average price of $781.18 used . The 12 month average price is $781.18 used. The used value of a BERETTA SILVER SNIPE shotgun has fallen $0.00 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $781.18 .

How big is the barrel on a Beretta 12 gauge?

Beretta Model 682 Super Sport 12 gauge O/U shotgun with both left and right hand Beretta stocks. It has 28 inch barrels with screw-in chokes. Shotgun is in excellent condition. Click for more info

Is the Beretta s0-10eell 28ga game gun engraved?

Beretta S0-10EELL 28ga. 28″ game gun. This gun features full games scene engraving with Gold birds on either side and bottom of the receiver, engraved by Master Engraver “Dassa”, Hidden …Click for more info NEW TODAY! This is not your average Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon I Sporting!

When did the Beretta Jubilee shotgun come out?

It features sideplates that act as extra canvas for the lavish hand-chased engraving, as well as a specia …Click for more info Introduced in 1998, these exceptional condition 20 and 28 gauge Beretta Jubilee combo each have 30″ barrels and use an interchangeable single stock with a single trigger.

What kind of Guage does a Beretta 486 shotgun have?

We have a BRAND NEW IN BOX Beretta 486 Side by Side, chambered in 20 Guage. This Shotgun has beautiful engraving, aslo features the best craftsmanship and finish available today. Click for more info

How big is the Beretta side by side shotgun?

20ga 28in barrel 486 Parallelo: Sophisticated Round-Action 20ga Side-by-Side With the 486 Parallelo, Beretta has reintroduced the side by side shotgun in their lineup. But rather than gi …Click for more info RESERVED Rare and stunning Bertasi- engraved hand-detachable sidelock gun, the pinnacle of modern Italian gunmaking and engraving.

When did Beretta Stop Making Model 401 shotguns?

S O L D – – – Pending Mi-Val was purchased by Beretta in 1967. These guns were produced with the Mi-Val name under license from Beretta – after Beretta stopped making their Model 401 Hammer Gun. Click for more info