Is Compaq discontinued?

Is Compaq discontinued?

Struggling to keep up in the price wars against Dell, as well as with a risky acquisition of DEC, Compaq was acquired for US$25 billion by HP in 2002. The Compaq brand remained in use by HP for lower-end systems until 2013 when it was discontinued.

Is Compaq a good laptop?

Even the battery life is good enough to last for 4-5 hrs after full charge. As in most low-budget laptops, you have to live with average screen but the screen resolution in this laptop seems to be quite decent. If you are currently looking for a budget laptop with good configuration HP Compaq is surely a choice.

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Can I upgrade my all in one PC processor?

All-In-One PC’s cannot be upgraded at all. They’re like laptops. You’ll have to build a new PC if you want to play demanding games. As the system already comes with 8GB RAM, that is not where the problem lies.

What kind of computer was the Compaq Portable?

The Compaq Portable was one of the progenitors of today’s laptop; some called it a “suitcase computer” for its size and the look of its case. It was the second IBM PC compatible, being capable of running all software that would run on an IBM PC.

Who are the competitors of Compaq Computer Corporation?

Compaq originally competed directly against IBM, manufacturing computer systems equivalent with the IBM PC, as well as Apple Computer. In the 1990s, as IBM’s own PC division declined, Compaq faced other IBM PC Compatible manufacturers like Dell Computer, Packard Bell, AST Research, and Gateway 2000.

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Which is the most compatible computer Compaq or IBM?

Compaq computers remained the most compatible PC clones into 1984, and maintained its reputation for compatibility for years, even as clone BIOSes became available from Phoenix Technologies and other companies that also reverse engineered IBM’s design, then sold their version to clone manufacturers.

Why was Dec not compatible with Compaq Computers?

For example, DEC was in the business of manufacturing computer chips, but Compaq did not have plans to continue in that line of business. DEC’s chips weren’t compatible with Compaq computers and DEC made minicomputers, a type of smaller computer with less power than Compaq’s products.