Is the Remington 783 a good rifle?

Is the Remington 783 a good rifle?

In short, the Remington 783 is an extremely good value in a reliable hunting rifle. This is a budget bolt gun that looks pretty much like every other budget bolt gun (think Savage Axis, Ruger American and T/C Venture). It’s not beautiful, it’s utilitarian and it works.

Is the Remington 783 long or short action?

Initially, the model 783 will be available in three long-action cartridges: . 270 Win., 30-06 Sprg. and 7 mm Rem. Mag., and one short-action cartridge: .

What ammo does a Remington 783 use?

270 Win., . 308 Win., and 7mm Rem. Mag. All of the 783 rifles use what Remington calls the Premium Magnum Contour Barrel, which means they have a slightly heavy, sporter weight, button-rifled barrel.

What is the difference between a Remington 700 and a Remington 783?

The Model 700, by its design was a top loading gun. This means that there is no metal going over the top or the bolt. However, the 783 is magazine fed. This creates a smaller ejection port, creating a frame that is more rigid.

What year did the Remington 783 come out?

The Remington 783 is a civilian bolt action hunting rifle built by Remington for the budget market. The rifle was launched in 2013 (which is where the “3” in 783 originates) and is considered a spiritual successor to the Remington Model 788 (which is where the “78” in 783 originates).

Is 25 06 A long or short action?

Also, is the 25-06 a long action or short action? You have a long action. The 25-06 and the 30-06 have the same case head so a barrel swap is all you need to change calibers. You could do this with any caliber that has the same case head dimension even shorter rounds like the .

What kind of scope comes on a Remington 783?

Vortex® Crossfire™ II
The Remington® 783™ is a highly functional, accurate, and reliable bolt-action rifle, available to shooters at a very affordable price. This 783 model comes with a Vortex® Crossfire™ II 3x9x40mm scope, factory mounted and bore sighted. The checkered, black walnut stock and blued metal have a traditional look and feel.

How accurate is a Remington 700?

Accuracy of the Remington 700 is excellent; in fact, it has been called the most accurate factory rifle made in the United States. Walker had given the rifle a very fast lock time (3.2 milliseconds) that contributes to its reputation for accuracy, along with the tighter bore and chamber tolerances.

How big is a Remington model 783 MDT?

Other stats include a length of pull of 13.5 inches, an overall length of 42 inches, barrel length of 22 inches and an empty weight of 7 lb, 9 oz, with scope. That weight indicates the rifle has some heft to it, and a lot of that weight is in the barrel.

Where is the Remington 783 hunting rifle made?

The Model 783 is built in the county’s largest rifle manufacturing facility in Mayfield, Ky. The 783 is in the Remington 700 family of rifles, one of the most popular hunting rifles ever produced. Remington has produced more than 5 million Model 700s.

What kind of barrel do I need for my Remington 783?

There are several custom barrel manufacturers that offer custom match grade barrels for the Remington Model 783. Criterion Barrels and X-Caliber are two of the top custom barrel shops. A custom match grade barrel for a Remington Model 783 can be expected to increase your accuracy to .5 MOA repeatable.

Is the Remington model 783 legal in Scotland?

an issue with some bullet weights. This Remington Model 783 has a 22in barrel, but there were no problems as the velocities from the bench test showed healthy accuracy and velocity. The Geco 105-gr bullets, which are excellent and legal for red deer in Scotland, shot 2,874fps and 1,926ft/lb energy.