What does AAA gun stand for?

What does AAA gun stand for?

anti-aircraft artillery
Nicknames for anti-aircraft guns include AAA or triple-A, an abbreviation for anti-aircraft artillery, and flak or flack (from the German Flugabwehrkanone, aircraft defence cannon).

What is the difference between AA and AAA guns?

, former Master Corporal (retired) CD, BA, etc. Anti-aircraft artillery is high-velocity, high-angle guns powerful enough to fire explosive shells up to the same altitude as incoming airplanes. Early AAA used time-delay fuses while more modern AAA use proximity fuses.

What caliber are AA guns?

The 5″/25 caliber gun (spoken “five-inch-twenty-five-caliber”) entered service as the standard heavy anti-aircraft (AA) gun for United States Washington Naval Treaty cruisers commissioned in the 1920s and 1930s.

Are AA guns obsolete?

Are anti aircraft guns obsolete in modern warfare? Definitely not, we’re going to see drone swarms and drones used as electronic kamikazes in the near future.

Is flak still used?

As “Flak” existed in the twentieth century, no, however, a modern equivalent of the radar guided air defense gun is deployed widely by all major militaries.

Why is it called flak?

If you’re taking flak, chances are you’re in a bad situation and taking fire from an enemy. Flak can refer to criticism — or worse, explosive shells from an antiaircraft weapon. Flak came into English as an abbreviation for the German word Fliegerabwehrkanone, meaning ‘aircraft-defense gun.

What is the strongest AA gun?

Also available to the Americans at the start of the war was the 120 mm M1 gun stratosphere gun, which was the most powerful AA gun with an impressive 60,000 ft (18 km) altitude capability, however no 120 M1 was ever fired at an enemy aircraft.

Are flak guns still used?

Why do AA shells explode?

The “iron rain” of shrapnel from the exploded shells is bad enough (and the reason why AA gunners always wear steel helmet). So all AA shells are set to explode in the air. If they got the altitude wrong the shells would explode too far below or too high above the target to do any damage.

Is Flack a bad word?

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What kind of gun does an anti aircraft gun use?

Anti-aircraft guns are weapons designed to attack aircraft. Such weapons commonly have a high rate of fire and are able to fire shells designed to damage aircraft. They also are capable of firing at high angles, but are also usually able to hit ground targets as well in a direct fire role.

What did AAA units do in World War 2?

In Germany, near the end of the war, his AAA unit was either combed out or disbanded outright to provide infantry replacements and/or men to form MP units, as large numbers of AAA units were no longer needed due to a markedly diminished German air force.

Which is AAA unit?

With the paper, try a clothes iron on medium heat and low or no steam. The 209th Coast Artillery Regiment (AA) (Semimobile) was a NY National Guard outfit inducted into service in 1941. Don’t worry about it being from NY; most NG units had about lost their state identity by they time they saw combat.