Where are Les Baer pistols made?

Where are Les Baer pistols made?

Les Baer Custom Inc. /ˌlɛsˈbɛər/ is an American manufacturer of semi-custom firearms including M1911-pattern pistols and AR-15 type rifles. Les Baer Custom was founded by the gunsmith Les Baer, Sr. in 1991 in Hillsdale, Illinois.

Did Les Baer stop making rifles?

Today I noticed there was no rifle advertisement on the Les Baer website, called them up to confirm and yes no further manufacturing of rifles or parts. All previous manufactured rifles will be covered for warranty or repair.

Is Les Baer a good gun?

It is a fantastic gun, excellent fit and finish, 100% reliable out of the box, and stupidly accurate. Dollar for dollar, Baers are the best value on the market, you can’t have a gunsmith build you the equivalent 1911 for the same money.

Is a Les Baer worth the money?

Are standard manufacturing guns any good?

Although most people know Standard Manufacturing from their fairly non-standard firearms, they are actually quite well versed in more traditional guns. The quality of the bone and charcoal case hardening on this gun is better than any of them. It’s as good as any on the market today, at any price point.

Which is the best model of Les Baer 1911?

Les Baer’s Premier II© has become the industry standard to which all other factory or custom built 1911s are compared. The 5″ long Government Model (pictured above) is the best single stack duty, defense or competition pistol you’ll find in America — the best quality, the best value and the best performance.

How to become a Les Baer Custom gunmith?

Les Baer Custom is the leader in the production of superior 1911 custom pistols known for their legendary reliability and unmatched accuracy, so our gunsmiths must all be capable of achieving the very highest standards. For an employment application, contact us either by phone or email:

What kind of sights do Les Baer pistols have?

I asked Dave to: cut top of the slide, serate top of the slide, replace oem sights with Big dot XS Sights, replace oem bushing with bigger one.Click for more info This is a Les Baer Ultimate Recon full size .45 Automatic. Feel free to contact us with any questions. Click for more info This is a new Les Baer Hemi 1911 in .45 automatic.

What kind of receiver does Les Baer use?

This is a beautiful Les Baer Custom Monolith. It features a 2 tone stainless steel receiver and blued slide. The Monolith is known for its rugged look and feel. The ruggedness allows for dependable ac …Click for more info