Which rays are used in satellite communication?

Which rays are used in satellite communication?

Radio waves are used to carry satellite signals. These waves travel at 300,000 km/s (the speed of light).

Are gamma rays used for communication?

Gamma rays are extremely energetic and dangerous to organic material, so using them for communication is the same as killing all life on the planet.

What are the applications of gamma rays?

Gamma rays are used in medicine (radiotherapy), industry (sterilization and disinfection) and the nuclear industry. Shielding against gamma rays is essential because they can cause diseases to skin or blood, eye disorders and cancers.

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Which radiation is used for satellite communication write its wavelength?

(a) (i) In satellite communications, microwave is widely used. Hence λ1, is the wavelength of microwave.

How do satellites help in sending TV signals?

These satellites are quite useful things. They can be used to beam a signal to any part of the earth’s surface. When you send a signal to it, it can reflect it back to the earth or transmit it to another satellite. The cable operator then transmits these signals through the local cable network to your television.

How do you reflect gamma rays?

Unlike optical light and x-rays, gamma rays cannot be captured and reflected by mirrors. Gamma-ray wavelengths are so short that they can pass through the space within the atoms of a detector. Gamma-ray detectors typically contain densely packed crystal blocks.

How are gamma rays helpful?

Gamma-rays can kill living cells, a fact which medicine uses to its advantage, using gamma-rays to kill cancerous cells. Gamma-rays travel to us across vast distances of the universe, only to be absorbed by the Earth’s atmosphere. Different wavelengths of light penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere to different depths.

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Which wavelength is used in satellite communication?

Satellites emit microwaves with wavelengths between 1 and 10 cm. The dishes that emit the wavelengths have a larger diameter.

How are radio waves used to communicate with satellites?

radio waves can be used to communicate with satellites gamma rayes highest energy of all electromagnetic radiation they are most damaging to human tissue ultraviolent rays result in sunburn or skin cancer frequency compared to all other types of electromagnetic radiation radio waves have the lowest

Why are gamma rays not used in space?

For free space transmission, it wouldn’t be good to use “high” energy radiation such as gamma rays and x-rays because they could be dangerous for peoples health. Also, the air can scatter high energy radiation (we see a blue sky because of this scattering of blue and violet light for instance).

Why are X-rays and gamma rays not used for communication?

That could be the reason to call these as rays and not X-rays and gamma-rays are also electromagnetic radiation like light, infrared rays etc. However, as we know their wave length are much smaller than other electromagnetic radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum. Electromagnetic radiation behaves both as particles (rays) and waves.

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How are gamma rays used in the body?

Application of Gamma Rays. Gamma rays are ionizing radiation which can kill living cells. They are used to treat malignant tumours in radiotherapy. For treatment deep within the body, high energy photons are sent to reach the target tumour without affecting the surrounding tissue. Though x-rays are also ionising radiation,…