Which type of cement is best for house construction?

Which type of cement is best for house construction?

Which is the best cement for house construction?

  • Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) 43 Grade Cement: It is used majorly for wall plastering works, Non-RCC structures, pathways etc.
  • Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), 53 Grade Cement:
  • Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC):
  • Portland Slag Cement (PSC):
  • White Cement:

Is Bharathi PPC cement good?

Bharathi Cement is a Premium product which assures “Superior Quality” cement to its customers. Bharathi Cement maintains and follows stringent internal quality norms which are above BIS norms and achieves better performance compared to competitors.

Which cement is best for walls?

These are Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), Portland Slag Cement (PSC) and Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) available in the market. OPC is available in two grades — 43 and 53. Both grades are considered best for plastering work.

Which cement brand is best?

Here you will get the detailed information about Top Best Cement Companies Brands in India 2021 and their features and more.

  • Ambuja Cement.
  • Ramco Cement.
  • JSW Cement.
  • Binani Cement.
  • Dalmia Cements.
  • Birla Cement.
  • J.K Cement.
  • The Indian Cement.

What is the grade of UltraTech PPC cement?

43 Grade
UltraTech Portland Cement, 50 Kg

Type PPC
Cement Grade 43 Grade
Packaging Size 50 kg
Packaging Type HDPE Sack

Which is best cement?

These are the top 10 cement in India nowadays.

  • UltraTech Cement.
  • ACC Cement.
  • Ambuja Cement.
  • Shree Cement.
  • Ramco Cement.
  • The India Cements Limited.
  • Binani Cement.
  • Wonder Cement.

Which is the best Bharathi cement in India?

Bharathi Cement is present in 7 states of India. Other products like Aggregate are sold only in nearby markets of Bangalore, Karnataka. We also, manufacture and market Tamper Proof Laminated Bags. It is produced with the finest raw materials, using cutting-edge German Technology and packed in tamper-proof bags.

When to use UltraTech Cement when building a house?

Treatment can be done pre, during and post construction stages. Care should be taken to ensure that the chemicals do not contaminate the domestic water sources. Ensure correct marking of the foundations for new walls so that they are the right size and in the right position to bear the weight of the wall.

Which is the best cement for house construction?

Best cement for house construction: -there are lot of reputed cement industry in the market with its best quality, but the best cement used for residential house construction are UltraTech Cement, ACC Cement, F2R, ACC gold,Ambuja Cement, Sagar cement, Dalmia Cement, Shri cement, Birla cement, etc. These cement brands offer & good deals.

Which is the best cement company Ultratech or Shree?

Here, Shree Cement fails to impress and records PAT growth of only 4.7% and therefore ranks the lowest. UltraTech has an enormous capacity of 114.8 MTPA, only a company with a capacity of more than 100 MTPA, therefore gets the first position and full points.