Who made Sears and roebuck guns?

Who made Sears and roebuck guns?

Like many other Sears products, the Sears firearms were originally made by major firearm manufacturers. The Model 20 was produced by High Standard Arms, as was the Model 88 revolver. The J.C. Higgins brand for Sears sporting goods was replaced with the Ted Williams brand.

How much is a J.C. Higgins 22 rifle worth?

Recently Sold JC HIGGINS 31 rifle

Price Item Condition
$350.00 OTHER MODEL .22 CALIBER (5.5MM) J.C. HIGGINS 31 SEMI AUTO .22LR CLEAN C&R 24 INCH ” BARREL Mechanicsville, VA 23116 Used
$225.00 .22 LR SEARS ROEBUCK J.C. HIGGINS 31 .22LR ITEM-S-10 24 INCH ” BARREL Columbia, TN 38401 Used

Who made J.C. Higgins. 22 rifles?

Additionally, how much is a JC Higgins? JC Higgins 20 ga bolt model 583.22. SEARS AND ROEBUCK Who Manufactured the guns that they sold….Who made Stevens shotguns?

Industry Firearms manufacturer
Products Rifles, pistols, shotguns
Parent Savage Arms

What are the parts of a Higgins 22LR rifle?

J. C. Higgins 28, 22lr Rifle Part. Magazine Support & Receiver Tang & Pin $17.00Add to cart J.C. Higgins 28 22 LR Rifle parts, magazine follower, front & rear support, bolt $14.00Add to cart J.C. Higgins 101.4, 16 ga Shotgun Part. Pins, Spring, & Plug $15.00Add to cart J.C. Higgins 101.4, 16 ga Shotgun Part. Sling Swivel Studs & Bolt

What kind of rifle parts are in Sears?

Trigger, Spring, & Pin Sears & Roebuck 101.2830, 22 SR or LR Rifle Part. Barrel Sears 41, 103.19771, 22lr Rifle Part. Barrel Sears 5, 22 lr or sr, Rifle Part. Barrel. Sears 3T, 22 LR or SR, Rifle Part.

Who is the owner of the.22 caliber rifle?

THE OWNER: Elaine Vigne of New Orleans salvaged this .22-caliber long rifle from her home in St. Bernard after Hurricane Katrina. “The gun originally belonged to my grandfather,” she explained, “and it was given to me for safe keeping in the early 1980s.”

Where can I buy J C Higgins gun parts?

A popular store brand sold by Sears & Roebuck Co. These firearms were originally produced by major firearms manufacturers such as High Standard, Savage, and etc. Need J.C. Higgins parts? Shop our selection today!