Who was fired from Radio 1?

Who was fired from Radio 1?

BBC Radio 1’s drivetime host Nick Grimshaw is leaving the station after 14 years. Vick Hope and Jordan North will co-host a new drivetime show on the network.

What were the original 3 BBC radio stations?

The three original BBC networks, Home, Light, and Third were renamed to BBC Radio 1, 2, 3, and 4. The BBC also hired a host of broadcasting staff that had previously worked on offshore stations, including Kenny Everett, and Tony Blackburn.

Who was the first black DJ on Radio 1?

Tony Blackburn
It launched at 07:00 a.m. 30 September 1967 and Tony Blackburn was the first DJ on air, launching the station with his new programme Daily Disc Delivery with Robin Scott, then Controller of Radio 1, standing over him.

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Who is leaving BBC radio?

Nick Grimshaw
Nick Grimshaw has announced that he is leaving BBC Radio 1 after 14 years. The 36-year-old said it was “time to go and maybe make some other dreams come true” after fulfilling his “childhood dream” at the radio station.

Who is replacing Dev on Radio 1?

Mollie King and Matt Edmonson will now co-host the weekend afternoon show, replacing Dev, while Adele Roberts is the new host of Radio 1’s Weekend Breakfast.

Who is taking over Clara AMFO?

Annie Mac
Annie Mac is set to play her last evening show tonight as the Radio 1 DJ bids farewell to the station after 17 years.

What was the first song played on Radio Caroline?

Round Midnight
Radio Caroline’s first musical theme was Jimmy McGriff’s “Round Midnight”, a jazz standard co-composed by Thelonious Monk. In March 1964, The Fortunes recorded Caroline, which became the station’s theme. Round Midnight was confined to closedown on Radio Caroline North after The World Tomorrow.

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Who is replacing Grimmy on Radio 1?

1/28Nick Grimshaw – In pictures. N ick Grimshaw will be leaving his Drivetime show on BBC Radio 1 after 14 years at the station. The presenter will be saying his final goodbyes to the BBC in September this year. It was announced Vick Hope and Jordan North will be taking over from the 3:30-6pm slot on Radio 1.

Who’s taking over Annie Mac?

Clara Amfo
Clara Amfo is taking over Annie Mac’s 6pm Radio 1 show on weeknights. Speaking about the handover, Clara said, “I’m such a fan of this show, the artists that it has championed and to be receiving the baton from Annie who I love and respect makes it extra special for me.”

Who was the founder of BBC Local Radio?

Interview with Frank Gillard by Helen Fry, 1976. From the BBC Oral History Collection. One time war correspondent and later head of the BBC Western region, Frank Gillard, had a vision to engage the British population in local affairs, by setting up the BBC local radio network.

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Who are the greatest pioneers of modern radio?

Great Lives: Kenny Everett Chris Tarrant nominates Kenny Everett as the greatest pioneer of modern radio. Radio 1 opened with an entirely male line up of presenters. Women were nowhere to be seen until 1969 when Annie Nightingale shook up the station.

What was the history of BBC Radio 1?

Love-ins at Woburn and San Francisco, the devaluation of Sterling, the Monkees and the Maharishi, and the beginning of the ‘exciting new sound of wonderful Radio 1’. Our timeline explores the highs and lows of the station that rocked the nation.

What kind of radio stations does the BBC have?

BBC Radio. BBC Radio is an operational business division and service of the British Broadcasting Corporation (which has operated in the United Kingdom under the terms of a Royal Charter since 1927). The service provides national radio stations covering the majority of musical genres, as well as local radio stations covering local news,…