Is Cisco CCIE Enterprise Certification Still a Viable Option in 2022? Find The Truth Here!

When they hear about the Cisco CCIE Enterprise certification, some students step back as they consider that the accreditation exam is too difficult and expensive. You can obtain the Cisco CCIE Enterprise accreditation after passing 2 exams, the ENCOR 350-401 exam, which is a core test, and the lab exam coded Certbolt v1.0. Indeed, the process of getting the Cisco CCIE Enterprise accreditation is quite ambitious and may scare the not prepared candidates who are not used to taking complex assessments. Still, the Cisco CCIE Enterprise certificate is worth your effort, time, and money. Are you curious to learn more? Keep reading this article to find more about why you should focus on getting certified.

Main Reasons to Consider Achieving the Cisco CCIE Enterprise Certification

There are various reasons that should convince you to not think twice before registering for Cisco certbolt accreditation. Here are some of the most important ones for you to make the actions:

  • Effective learning tool

The demand for CCIE engineers is growing each year. The main exam necessary for obtaining this certificate will test your capacity to implement and operate the Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies. If you are interested in learning more about virtualization, dual-stack architecture, or infrastructure and automation, then registering for this accreditation can be the best option for you. As you go through the blueprint dedicated to certbolt exam, you will strengthen your knowledge of the tested topics and stay updated with the latest network core technologies.

  • Amazing career opportunities

The Cisco CCIE Enterprise certification won’t guarantee a career in this domain, but it can be of great help to get the job of your dreams. Recruiters are interested in working with motivated and skilled professionals who want to add value to their teams. Gaining this accreditation demonstrates that you possess these attributes and recommends you as an expert interested in technology. On top of that, as the competition in the job market becomes more fierce, you need a competitive advantage to differentiate yourself. Therefore, adding the certbolt Enterprise certificate to your resume will improve your resume’s visibility and convince recruiters to invite you for an interview.

  • Job security and attractive salary

People are no longer working for the same company for the rest of their lives. Now, you should adapt to a competitive environment in which you need to be alert and do everything you can to prove you are one of the top employees. The certbolt certificate will help you stand out from the crowd and offer you job security. Besides, as you become an interesting candidate for hiring managers, thanks to this certification you can obtain a more attractive salary and bonuses. Some of the job roles you can get after getting this Cisco certification is the CCIE Network Architect ($151,299 per year), CCIE Architect ($146,975), Remote CCIE ($145,558), Enterprise Infrastructure Architect ($144,214).


If you are not yet sure if the certbolt Enterprise certification is a worthy option for 2022, the answer to this question is positive. Considering the vendor’s reputation and the high demand for professionals on the market, taking the Cisco CCIE Enterprise certificate will help you build successful career in networking. Good luck!