10 Best Decorating Ideas for Kids’ Rooms

We all want our youngsters to enjoy a cheerful, clutter-free environment to sleep, play, and complete their homework. What better way to inspire them and reward them by giving their rooms a makeover? These ingenious ideas for small children’s bedrooms will provide you with some quick inspiration.

Look at This Photograph

…Every time I do, it makes me laugh. No, but seriously, framed prints can drastically add life to even the dullest of rooms. Canvaspop is a great service providing high-quality prints delivered right to your doorstep. You may even ask for modifications to be made to your prints through the service, making the framed occasion absolutely flawless.

Even if the quality of the photo you shot is poor, the service will edit it to make it as clear as possible. Keep your child’s best moments close to their heart and frame them so they can reminisce about that moment frozen in time. It might be a picture from their prom, their graduation, or even a family photo when you all went on that trip.

Give Them Their Own Library

Books are essential to your child’s development. Investing in quality bookshelves and the books to go on them can never be a bad investment. Bookshelves aren’t a costly investment either; you can go with Plywood bookshelves that are $150 – $500 per linear foot.

Along with adding so much to the room’s décor, it’s hard not to be fascinated and grab a book yourself. You may even wall mount the bookshelves, so they take up zero floor space, allowing your child to make the most out of his room.

Decorate with Playground Equipment

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to plant the seed for their long-term well-being. Adding some characteristic playground equipment to their room can make the room come alive with echoes of fun and joy.

Buy a rope ladder or a compact slide for your toddlers, and watch them be busy with it the whole day! This will help them stay fit while adding an irreplaceable sense of cheerfulness whenever they go to their room. Do make sure to add some mattresses or thick mats so that they don’t end up injuring themselves.

Bring Wonderland to Their Room by Adding Fairy Lights

Fairy lights hanging from the ceiling make for a fabulous and cozy atmosphere perfect for reading stories together. They add the sparkle that every child needs, along with giving them the power of imagining they are in a wonderland themselves.

The DIY potential is endless here, and you could even have sessions where they can design their own fairy lights. You can place orange lights inside some colored and carved cardboard to craft your own fairy light! Attach them to the ceiling and turn them on as a nightlight every night to ensure the sweetest of dreams.

Put a Bunk Bed

Kids love bunk beds; they love the idea of climbing to get to the top bed. They love the idea that when their friend comes over, they could sleep in their bunk bed too. Additionally, it could be an excellent investment if you are planning to have more kids. You might even reuse some furniture from a child’s old bedroom to make this a reasonably priced DIY. Lastly, if you do end up making it yourself, just make sure it’s sturdy enough.

Add a Mural to Those Walls

By having a mural that reflects the fantastic ambiance you wish to generate, you may increase their artistic potential. Generally, you could go for fairyland, robotic, ethnic, abstract, or even photographic murals depending on your child’s preferences.

Reduce the amount of furniture you bring to make the mural stand out and create a minimalist, decluttered atmosphere. A bed, a desk, a chair, and some storage is all it takes to make this the best room in the neighborhood!

Cover the Walls with Themed Wallpaper

If murals are out of your price range, shop around for some charmingly cute, reasonably priced wallpaper. Ask your child for their favorite cartoon, and go hunting for the perfect-colored wallpaper that fits the theme! A cloud-print wallpaper is another fantastic option for an infant’s room, highlighting their adorableness even more.

Opt For a Wardrobe

Children and grown people alike love playing dress-up and trying on all their favorite clothes in the comfort of their own room. If your child doesn’t have a spacious wardrobe already, reward them with one to unlock their true fashion sense.

It sometimes feels impossible to pick up after kids’ when they are changing. Having a wardrobe also helps reduce clutter. The only drawback is that your kids will constantly beg you for more clothing so they can stock their closets!

Include Some Indoor Plants

Who doesn’t love plants? Houseplants in neat tiny pots placed in their rooms can help kids become more responsible by allowing them to take care of it. By enhancing the air quality in your child’s room, houseplants also aid in reducing the frequency of headaches.

The plants will also provide the loving touch of mother nature for your kids no matter how old they get. This allows you to spend precious time with your children, educating them about gardening while also enhancing the décor.

Showcase a Special Something

Every good room needs a centerpiece. You and your youngster may use Legos to create their favorite automobile or cartoon figure. You may also buy something special to be showcased. The choices are unlimited. Put that creation under a glass or plastic showcasing box and preserve the memory for years to come. Put that on a desk or a shelf, and you’ll have given the room so much character and distinctiveness.


There are countless possibilities to decorate your kids’ rooms. You could even have days where you and your kids could create DIY projects for their rooms. If your child doesn’t have a sizable wardrobe, buy them one so they may express their true sense of style. A few clean tiny potted houseplants in a child’s room could help them relax. You may develop their artistic potential by installing a mural that embodies the wonderful atmosphere you want to create. You might get a compact slide or a rope climb for your little children. Also, a cheap investment is bookshelves. What are you waiting for? Start adorning!