What does Subaru 60000 mile service include?

What does Subaru 60000 mile service include?

The 60,000-mile service should again involve an oil and oil filter change, a change of transmission fluid (Non CVT), engine- and cabin air filter replacement, brake fluid replacement, wiper replacements, and more.

Do I really need a 60000 mile service?

There are often very vital services that are needed at this interval and the financial impact of ignoring this important service can be extremely high. As you can see, the real answer is YES. The 60,000 mile (60K) service is vital to getting the most out of your automotive investment!

What is the Subaru maintenance schedule?

3,000 Miles/3 Months. 7,500 Miles/7.5 Months. 15,000 Miles/15 Months. 30,000 Miles/30 Months.

How often does a Subaru need to be serviced?

Subaru recommends that you schedule a service appointment every six months or 6,000 miles.

Is Subaru 60000 mile service worth it?

The short answer is yes! The 60,000 mile service is a very important service interval. It includes all of the maintenance in a 30,000 mile service, plus a little more. Often there are critical services that are needed at this point in your vehicle’s life.

How much should a 60000 mile service cost?

The bill for a 60,000 mile service is $467.50 ($663 in 2018 money).

What does a 60000 mile service cost?

What should be replaced at 60000 miles?

60,000 miles: All of the belts, valves and hoses should be inspected for wear and replaced, if needed. It’s also time to replace the spark plugs and install new tires.

What does a Subaru service include?

During scheduled services, Subaru technicians perform inspections of your brake system, tyres, driveline and steering components, all vitally important for your safety. Failing to regularly service your Subaru could endanger your vehicle warranty.

Is it expensive to service a Subaru?

Any given Subaru typically costs $267 to maintain during the first five years. These costs remain steady throughout the car’s lifespan, with a 10-year cost of $500. Many Subarus get great gas mileage, so you’ll save a lot of money in that regard. However, it’s still a lot of money compared to other non-luxury cars.

How much is an oil change for a Subaru?

Subaru Forester Oil Change costs $104 on average.

Car Service Estimate
2016 Subaru ForesterH4-2.5L Service typeOil Change Estimate$139.75
2004 Subaru ForesterH4-2.5L Turbo Service typeOil Change Estimate$131.46
2011 Subaru ForesterH4-2.5L Service typeOil Change Estimate$141.50

How much does the Subaru 60000 mile service cost?

The cost for a 60,000 mile Subaru service can start around $325, depending on your specific vehicle make and model.

What is the maintenance schedule for a Subaru Legacy?

The Subaru Legacy maintenance schedule includes 20 different types of services over the course of 150,000 miles. RepairPal generates both national and local fair price estimates for most service intervals. To get a local estimate for your specific model year, please select a service below.

What to do for a Subaru 60, 000 mile service?

Inspect and ensure cooling fan is operating within factory specifications Replace transmission fluid with Subaru High Performance Fluid, if applicable Check to ensure air conditioning and heating systems are operating within factory specifications Rotate tires, inspect tread wear and check and adjust tire pressure as needed

How many miles does a Subaru Outback get?

Enter your ride HERE to be a part of this month’s Outback of the Month Challenge! So I have two outback’s, both are nearing their 60,000 mile mark. I called around today at 4 different Subaru dealerships to get prices on the 60,000/120,000 mile service which Subaru lists as their major service II.

How often do you service a Subaru Outback?

Through its niche marketing (“Dog tested, Dog approved”) and social consciousness, it has become quite popular in unique markets around the country. The guidelines for your Subaru vehicle maintenance center around the mileage that your car has run. Typically, 6,000 miles is the point for a service interval, or roughly twice a year.