What kind of explosive is in grenades?

What kind of explosive is in grenades?

The M67 grenade has a spheroidal steel body that contains 6.5 oz (180 g) of composition B explosive. It uses the M213 pyrotechnic delay fuze. The M67 grenade weighs 14 oz (400 g) in total and has a safety clip to prevent the safety pin on the grenade from being pulled accidentally.

Is a grenade an explosive?

A grenade is an explosive weapon typically thrown by hand (also called by the retronym hand grenade), but can also refer to a shell (explosive projectile) shot out by a rifle (as a rifle grenade) or a grenade launcher.

What are the main components of grenade?

Hand grenades have the following main parts:

  • Body — contains filler and, in certain grenades, also provides fragmentation.
  • Filler — chemical or explosive substance in the grenade, which determines grenade use and characteristics.
  • Fuze assembly — causes the grenade to function by igniting or detonating the filler.

What are the three main components of grenades?

Hand grenades are composed of three main components:

  • BODY. This contains the filler and in some grenades, provides fragmentation.
  • FILLER. The filler is the chemical or explosive substance in the grenade body which gives the grenade its characteristics and determines its use.

    What’s the difference between a bomb and a grenade?

    As nouns the difference between grenade and bomb is that grenade is (obsolete) a pomegranate while bomb is an explosive device used or intended as a weapon.

    What kind of charge filler does a grenade have?

    Offensive grenades contain explosive charge filler of flaked TNT in a body with sheet metal ends and pressed fiber sides. They are designed for demolition effect and to stun the enemy in enclosed places.

    What makes a grenade different from other grenades?

    Grenades come in a variety of sizes and shapes depending on their function, but all have two things in common. First, they are hollow to allow filling with explosive or chemical filler. Second, they contain a threaded hole into which a fuse can be inserted.

    What causes a hand grenade to ignite or explode?

    The filler is composed of a chemical or explosive substance, which determines the type of hand grenade for employment factors. Fuze Assembly. The fuze causes the grenade to ignite or explode by detonating the filler. Release of the safety clip and removal of the safety pin permits release of the safety lever.

    What kind of grenades are used for blast effect?

    This grenade is used for blast effect. Offensive grenades are much less lethal than fragmentation grenades on an enemy in the open, but they are very effective against an enemy within a confined space. This type of grenade has a non-metallic body (cardboard, fiberglass) loaded with a high explosive filler. It employs a delay detonating fuze.