What is the serial number for a Winchester Model 1894?

What is the serial number for a Winchester Model 1894?

Winchester Model 1894 (Mod 94): Covering numbers: 1 – 5103249. Please enter a serial number and click the submit button.

When did the first Winchester rifle come out?

Winchester Firearms Manufacturing Dates by Serial Number and Year 1866 through the early 1990s

What is the serial number of a Winchester Ranger?

Serial **MIB Winchester Model 94 “Ranger” Rifle. Serial # 6481801 Rifle was made in the U.S.A. It is a lever action Model 94 Ranger chambered for the .357 magnum

How old is the Model 94 Winchester rifle?

Winchester Rifles 1885 Tang Screw Winchester 1894’s carried by Varney Airl… Winchester model 94 mfg 1899 s/n 1611xx Winchester .22 Rim Fire 5 years later; Found a nice Winchester … Holes drilled on left side of ’03 Barrel Winchester Sights Preferred Sights– Lyman 21/38 or Tang P…

What’s the serial number on a Winchester 30-30?

*Winchester Mod. 94 30-30 RifleThis is a *Winchester Mod. 94 30-30 RifleThis is a nice 1970’s Winchester Model 94 serial #39XX241 lever action 30-30 caliber rifle. The Winchester shows some sign Winchester Model 94 Serial #6100137. Cal. Winchester Model 94 Serial #6100137.

Where can I buy a Winchester Model 94?

Winchester also issued the ‘94 in various commemorative models over the past several years and these guns provide an identifiable goal for the collector desiring to specialize in them. Original Winchester factory records are available for this model from the Cody Firearms Museum in Cody, Wyoming, from serial number 1 thru 353999.

When did the Winchester Model 94 32 come out?

Caliber . 32 W. S. (Winchester Special?) with. Winchester Model 94 lever action carbine Winchester Model 94 lever action carbine and Winchester Model 275 semi-automatic rifle circa 1960 serial number 3427571; .32 Winchester Special caliber.

What’s the serial number on a Winchester 32 W?

Stamped on the left side of the barrel was “32 W.S.” The Winchester looked like a lonely orphan standing on the gun shop rack, so I bought it and gave it a home. Judging by the Model 1894’s serial number, it was made in 1910. It’s a carbine with a 20-inch barrel and full-length magazine.

Where can I find the Winchester serial number?

Click the image below to download the PDF document containing the serial number date-range information on many Winchester firearms. You will need the Adobe Reader program to open this file. Adobe Reader is available free from Adobe. THE HISTORY OF WINCHESTER HISTORIC SERIAL NUMBER RECORDS.

When was the Winchester Repeating Arms brand made?

Before the 1990s the Winchester Repeating Arms firearms brand transferred ownership several times. Any information before the 1990s is always difficult to verify. In general, only serial number ranges with an approximate year are provided in this document.

What was the first Winchester rifle ever made?

Based on a John M. Browning patent, Model 1894 was the most successful centerfire rifle Winchester ever produced. This model is still in production. Values given here reflect those rifles produced before 1964, or around serial number 2550000. Model 1894 was the first Winchester developed especially for the smokeless po

When was Model 1894 changed to Model 94?

The U.S. Army purchased 1,800 Model 1894 carbines on December 29, 1917 to help guard strategic defense industries in the Pacific Northwest. Production of receivers was suspended in 1943 during World War II. As serial numbers approached the one-million mark, the official model designation was changed from Model 1894 to the Model 94.

The number 3,350,656 indicated that this is most likely a late model. In 1969 production of these rifles ended with serial number 3,284,570. In 1970 production ended with the serial number 3,381,299. From these two numbers you can extrapolate that this firearm was probably produced in 1970.

What was the production date of Model 1894?

Model 1894 Dates of Production CRUFFLER.COM presents Dates of Production by Model and Serial Number for Model 1894 Total Production: Still in Production Year Serial Number at Start of Year Number Produced 1894 1 14759 1895 14760 29599

Where can I find the year of manufacture of a Winchester?


Is the serial number of a Winchester rifle accurate?

In general, only serial number ranges with an approximate year are provided in this document. There is no other detail beyond this that we can provide. Since this information was provided through old documents (both official and otherwise), no representation is made that all serial number and year combinations are totally accurate.


Where can I get a Winchester serial number?

This information is no substitute for obtaining a Winchester Factory Letter from the Cody Firearms Museum (available for certain models and serial ranges) which in addition to the Serial Number Application Date, normally provide the original Received In Warehouse Date and Date Shipped from Winchester factory.

Where can I find the Winchester Model 9422 serial number?

The link below may help. Also, I think Winchester Repeating Arms has the dates of manufacture for the 9422. You may need to call them.

When was the last Winchester Model 87 made?

Records in the writer’s possession show that two years production was recorded in 1890-1891, 1894-1895, 1912-1913. A large number of serial numbers were skipped after number 115,170. Serials reached 139,700. Winder muskets, made in 1918 and 1919, were given the designation “Model 87”, but serials were in the single shot range. NO. MADE

What kind of ammo is being recalled by Winchester?

Winchester is recalling two (2) lots of 17 HMR 20 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point Rimfire rifle ammunition. Winchester is recalling three (3) lots of 38 Special 130 Grain Full Metal Jacket centerfire ammunition.

When did the first Winchester hard disk come out?

The name ‘Winchester’ and some derivatives are still common in some non-English speaking countries to generally refer to any hard disks (e.g. Hungary, Russia ). Also in 1973, Control Data Corporation introduced the first of its series of SMD disk drives using conventional disk pack technology.

What kind of ammo do you get from Winchester?

With every purchase of the new, limited-edition USA VALOR ™ ammunition series, Winchester proudly supports Folds of Honor and its mission. Winchester offers innovative ammunition for hunters and shooters alike.