How many times can you pump a 760 Pumpmaster?

How many times can you pump a 760 Pumpmaster?

The 760 Pumpmaster Classic is a multi-pump pneumatic (3 to 10 pumps) with a solid steel smoothbore barrel (yep — it’s not a soda straw) that gets up to 700 f.p.s. with pellets and 625 f.p.s. with steel BBs.

Are all BBs for BB guns the same size?

All standard airsoft BBs are 6mm in size. This is because most airsoft guns like pistols, rifles, sniper rifles, and squad support airsoft guns have magazines which accept 6mm airsoft BBs and also have 6mm airsoft gun barrels. If you are unsure what size BB your airsoft gun shoots, look for 6mm airsoft BBs.

What is a multi pump pneumatic air rifle?

Multi-pump pneumatics have a built-in pump To fill the gun with compressed air, you work the pump handle one or more times. Because it’s a multi-pump, you usually give it more than one pump for each shot.

Do heavier BBs hurt more?

heavier bb’s carry more momentum. on the same fps AEG, heavier bbs will penetrate further than lighter bbs. the impact damage was greater with .

How long has The Crosman 760 been in use?

A proven Crosman favorite for four decades, this dependable rifle offers an experience all its own. Over 12 million have been sold! Doubles as a BB repeater or a single shot pellet gun. You get what you pay for… I have owned Crosman 760 air rifles for 45 years. My first, in 1975 was all wood and steel.

What kind of gun is the Crosman Pumpmaster 760?

With over 12 million copies sold, the Crosman Pumpmaster 760 is an American made hybrid that shoots both BB’s and pellets. This .177 caliber hybrid is another multi-pump pneumatic air rifle that accommodates the classics, with a built in reservoir and no need for a portable pump.

What kind of BBS does a Crosman air rifle use?

Crosman Copper-Coated 4.5mm BBs provide reliable and consistent performance with almost any 4.5mm-caliber BB air rifle or air pistol. Available in “EZ-Pour” bottles for quick and easy reloading in pack sizes of 1500-count to 6000-count.

What kind of pellets can you put in a Crosman 760?

Serving as the superior firepower in this hybrid, the Crosman 760 Pump can be loaded with .177 caliber pellets. Ranging from Diablo form to even dart form, the variety of pellets available to this single shot pellet air rifle are plentiful, and won’t hurt the wallet.