Where can I get the correct Browning shotgun barrel?

Where can I get the correct Browning shotgun barrel?

In most cases, barrels are specific to the exact model and chamber length of the shotgun. Contact your local dealer for assistance and let your dealer inspect your shotgun to make sure you order the correct barrel. If you have any questions at all call Browning Customer Service at 1-800-333-3288.

What kind of gauge is a Browning 16 gauge?

The Gentleman’s Gauge is considered by many sportsmen to be the ideal gauge for the pe… (read more) Browning A5 16 Gauge 1939 pre-war very nice! This is a 1939 made Browning A5 16 Gauge. It is a 2 3/4in gun with 28in Mod rare for its age solid rib barrel.

How big is a Browning 12 gauge shotgun?

Browning 20 GA Shotgun – A-5 Belgium, 20 gauge, 2 3/4 inch, 26 inch, plain barrel, 1st year production of 20 gauge, 14 1/4 le… (Full Details) Browning 12 GA Shotgun – Browning Citori 12 gauge Serial #098XXXXXXX 2 barrel set 12 gauge 30″ full/Mod Vent Rib, second set …

What kind of barrel does a Browning Sweet Sixteen have?

Belgium Browning Auto-5 16ga Sweet Sixteen 2 3/4″ 26″ IC vent rib barrel,round knob pistol grip,95% bluing. GUN COLLECTIONS WANTED FOR CASH!

Why is the lower barrel of my Browning Browning so weak?

The lower barrel is usually the first to show signs of weakness due to the design of the hammer fall geometry. It strikes the lower firing pin about 1/2 the way up on the hammer, thus reducing the available momentum and hammer fall speed.

What kind of barrel do you use for a shotgun?

BROWNING SHOTGUN BARRELS BROWNING 12ga BT-99 STAINLESS 32” Invecter+, Stainless, Ported, Sr# 07344, 95%+ $600.00 Browning 12ga  30” S/C+, Cynergy, O/U, 3 ½” vent, camo,  90%, good bores, no ejectors $400 BROWNING 12GA CITORI O/U 26” full/full vent new in white ejectors $400 BROWNING 12GA LIEGE O/U 28” FULL/MOD 2 ¾” #03219 new Blue  $500

Are there any Browning B-2000 shotgun parts left?

Only 1 left! Browning B-2000 Shotgun Barrels (2) 28in. Mod. 3″ Magnum *for 1 money* Browning Auto-5 A-5 A5 Smooth Bore Slug Barrel 12 Gauge 24″ Japan EXCELLENT !!! Browning BPS, 12ga Shotgun Part.