How to add a footer to a HTML page?

How to add a footer to a HTML page?

Adding a Footer Styled With Your Footer Class. To add the footer content, you will add a <div> container to the webpage and assign the footer class that you just created. Return to your index.html file and paste the following code snippet after the end of the last closing </div> tag: index.html.

Why do you need a footer for a website?

The <footer> tag defines a footer for a document or section. You can have many <footer> elements in a single document. Importance of Footer: Website footer helps the visitors by adding information and navigation option at the bottom of web pages. A <footer> element typically contains: Copyright Privacy Policy Contact Address Phone and Fax numbers

Can a footer be placed within a header?

You cannot place a <footer> tag within a <header>, an <address>, or another <footer> tag. For example, if the structure of your <body> tag is complex and contains multiple <article> tags, you may decide to use a <footer> tag to separate certain information from the rest of the section.

How to create a fixed footer in Windows 10?

.footer { position: fixed; left: 0; bottom: 0; width: 100%; background-color: red; color: white; text-align: center; </style> <div>Ensure that either a header or a footer (or both) have been added to the worksheet.

  • Open the worksheet containing the header or footer text you want to format.
  • click the Page Layout View button.
  • Select the header or footer text you want to change.

    What are HTML5 tags?

    HTML 5 tags is the latest version of HTML and is used to specify how a web page will be displayed within a browser. A document begins with an opening tag and ends with a closing tag.

    What is footer code?

    A footer in the hypertext markup language (HTML) is an element tag that defines the text or code inside the tag as belonging to the HTML footer section.

    What is page header?

    Page header. Header in a dictionary, consisting of a guide word. In typography and word processing, a page header (or simply header) is text that is separated from the body text and appears at the top of a printed page.