What year is my Ithaca 37?

What year is my Ithaca 37?


1946 92000 – 115350
1947 115351 – 157150
1948 157151 – 202950
1949 202951 – 302500

When was the Ithaca Model 37 featherlight made?

Designed by John Moses Browning, and originally manufactured in 1937, the Model 37 Featherlight has stood the test of time, providing generations of sportsmen with a reliable firearm for all types of hunting.

Where is Ithaca 37 serial number?

A: On the Model 37®, the serial number is located on the bottom right side of the receiver or on earlier models the chamber end of the receiver between the magazine and barrel.

How much is a Ithaca Model 37 featherlight?

On the other hand, new Model 37 Featherlight shotguns range from approximately $900 to $1500. While the prices may be steep, the advantages of a new gun are worth factoring in when you are in the market for a workhorse shotgun.

Can you slam fire a Ithaca 37?

Thus, holding the trigger down allowed the gun to fire the instant a new round is cycled into the chamber without requiring the trigger to be released; this feature was called “slam-fire.” Otherwise, the Model 37 operates in much the same way as other pump-action shotguns.

What is a flues shotgun?

The Ithaca Gun Company first produced a single-barrel trap gun in 1914. Their guns were based on the Emil Flues three piece lock design and known as the Flues Single-Barrel Trap up until 1922 when it was replaced with a New Improved Design (NID) created by Frank Knickerbocker.

Why is the Ithaca 37 so expensive?

Actually the original post was about Ithaca shotguns are they worth it? Ithaca’s are made of steel not aluminum and plastic. They cost more because they take more machining to make. Parts machined vs stamped parts cost more.

Is the Ithaca 37 a good gun?

Given its simplicity in functionality and its inherent reliability, if you’re beginning to explore the shotgun sports, this is one shotgun model well worth your consideration. The Model 37 is most popular in its 12-gauge version. They’re also available in 20-gauge and 28-gauge.

When did Ithaca stop making guns?

The company was formed in the late 1800s in Ithaca. It has changed ownership several times over the years., In 1987, the company’s gun-making operations were moved to King Ferry in Cayuga County. The King Ferry plant was shut down in 2005. The company’s headquarters are currently in Upper Sandusky, Ohio.

What is Ithaca flue?

The Ithaca Flues was a sturdy shotgun. This Ithaca is a Flues, built in 1922, one of 223,000 between 1908 and 1926, the all-time best-selling American double gun. The Flues Ithaca changed history.

How many shells does an Ithaca 37 hold?

Model 37 is a conventional, manually operated pump action shotgun. It uses tubular underbarrel magazine that can hold 4 rounds in standard configuration.

How much is a Ithaca shotgun worth?

What is an ITHACA shotgun Worth? AN ITHACA shotgun is currently worth an average price of $1,672.95 new and $685.75 used . The 12 month average price is $1,672.95 new and $698.56 used. The new value of an ITHACA shotgun has risen $543.50 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $1,672.95 .

What was the serial number of the Ithaca Model 37?

Here is a chart I recovered from the old Ithaca website. Ithaca Model 37 Repeater Serial Number Listing by Year.

How can you tell the model and year of an Ithaca shotgun?

The serial number you posted does not match any data from Ithaca records. The link below is to the accepted table of manufacturing dates for Ithaca shotguns. Values can range from $200-$450, depending on the exact version and the condition. Read More How can you tell the model and year of an Ithaca shotgun?

Where did Model 37 Model 37 shotguns come from?

Much of the data presented for the Model 37 guns came from microfilm copies of Ithaca shipping records on file at the National Tracing Offices of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and from microfiche copies of invoices from the 1980 era that were found at the Ithaca factory.

Who is the owner of the Ithaca Gun Company?

Reprinted with express written permission from Walter Claude Snyder’s books “ The Ithaca Gun Company From The Beginning ” and “ Ithaca Featherlight Repeaters: The Best Gun Going: A Complete History of the Ithaca Model 37 and the Model 87 ”.