Are football Programmes worth anything?

Are football Programmes worth anything?

Tips for football programme collectors Popularity — programmes with an iconic footballer on the cover or detailing a famous match are the most prized and valuable. Condition — creases, missing staples and water damage all harm the programme’s price, so ask for a photo before you pay.

What is the rarest football programme?

The rarest programmes A highly-desirable programme for any collector is the 1966 England vs West Germany match programme.

What is the most expensive football programme?

A football programme from the 1882 FA Cup Final between Blackburn Rovers and Old Etonians sold at auction for a world record of £35,250. The programme was sold by Sotheby’s in May 2013 to Old Etonians Football Club.

What unusual incident occurred in the 1946 FA Cup final?

The game was goalless until the 85th minute, when a cross from the right was punched out by goalkeeper Sam Bartram, but it went straight to Dally Duncan who shot goalwards; Bert Turner tried to kick the ball clear, but only managed to deflect the ball into his own net.

What is the oldest football Programme?

In his latest auction held at Sotheby’s New Bond Street, the earliest-known surviving FA Cup final programme – Old Etonians v Blackburn Rovers, played at Kennington Oval on March 25, 1882 – shot past the £20,000-25,000 estimate to hit £30,000.

Can you sell football Programmes?

Programmes from the mid 1960s onwards may seem like a lifetime away, but they are in fact fairly common and when it comes to selling only a few will have any real value. Most collectors buy and sell programmes in one or two fields i.e, Internationals, their favorite Club, European matches, Friendlies or Cup Finals.

How do you store old football Programmes?

The programmes should be stored somewhere cool and dry, as excessive heat and moisture will damage the collection.

Who played in the 1946 FA Cup final?

Derby County
The 1946 FA Cup Final, the first since the start of the Second World War, was contested by Derby County and Charlton Athletic at Wembley. Derby won 4–1 after extra time, with goals from Bert Turner (an own goal), Peter Doherty and a double from Jackie Stamps.

Who won FA Cup in 1947?

Charlton Athletic F.C.
1947 FA Cup Final/Champion

How big is a football Programme?

In 1980, Wembley switched to a new printer and the programmes were very slightly smaller (6.5×9. 75 inches), presumably chopping off the margins. The size then increased drastically, in 1985, to roughly 8.25×11. 75 inches (approximately 21×29.

Whats is a Programme?

Definition of a programme A programme is defined as “a group of related projects managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits and control not available from managing them individually”. A programme is a framework of related projects aligned in a specific sequence.

What is the best way to store football Programmes?

How much is the first FA Cup Final Programme worth?

Valued at around £1,000, the first Wembley final programme between Bolton and West Ham United in 1923 is worth seeking out. Alternatively, there’s the programme from the one and only time a non-English club lifted the FA Cup — Cardiff City vs Arsenal in 1927 — which ended with a score of 1-0 and has a value of about £2,500!

What was the price of the 1953 FA Cup Final?

Another top seller on the day was a 1953 FA Cup final football, used when Blackpool beat Bolton 4-3. It sold for £5,250. In addition, a bag of assorted football programmes, including a 1966 Scottish Cup Final programme, fetched £780.

How much is the 1909 FA Cup Final Programme worth?

Meanwhile a single-sheet programme from the 1909 FA Cup final between Manchester United and Bristol City went for £23,500 in 2012. Which editions have a collector’s value, both to seek out and to potentially sell? Valued at around £1,000, the first Wembley final programme between Bolton and West Ham United in 1923 is worth seeking out.

Where was the 1920 FA Cup semi final played?

1920 FA CUP SEMI-FINAL AT CHELSEA / BRISTOL CITY V HUDDERSFIELD TOWN Programme for the match at Stamford Bridge 27/3/1920, ex-binder. Generally good 1920/1 ABERDARE v BARRY Gatefold programme for a Welsh League game at Aberdare 27/9/1920. Last season before entry to the Football League. It has a professional repair to the inside spine.