Can you own a AA-12 shotgun?

Can you own a AA-12 shotgun?

Not only will the production models include new and improved versions of the already known AA-12 in a full auto configuration for military and law enforcement, it will now include a never before seen, 100% legal semi-automatic version for the civilian market. …

Is there a civilian version of the AA-12?

The AA-12 semi-automatic shotgun is finally available for sale to civilians. The semi-auto version of the Atchisson Assault-12 became a reality thanks to the hard work of Boje Cornils and Sol Invictus Arms.

How much does a double shotgun cost?


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Can I buy a AA-12 automatic shotgun?

The AA-12 shotgun is now available in semi-automatic for civilian use. Originally designed in the early 70s by Max Atchisson, the AA-12 was a fully automatic 12-gauge, low-recoil shotgun for military and law enforcement. Also, each edition will be limited to 1,000 shotguns. Delivery is expected in December 2018.

What country uses the AA 12?

United States

Atchisson AA-12
Place of origin United States
Production history
Designer Maxwell Atchisson, further developed by Military Police Systems, Inc.
Designed Original design: 1972 MPS design: 2005

Are there any semi auto aa12 shotguns available?

However, MPS saw limited commercial success and never fielded a semi-auto civilian variant of the AA12. Fast forward to the present day, and Tactical Superiority and its new venture, Sol Invictus Arms, worked out a deal to finally make the AA12 available commercially.

How much does a 12 gauge shotgun cost?

The cost of a AA-12 shotgun is ~$2,000 + a $200 tax stamp from the ATF because this is a NFA weapon. Since it was made after the 1984 gun control act, only Military, Law Enforcement, Class 3 Dealers, or corporations with a need (private security) can purchase this weapon.

When was the Atchisson AA-12 combat shotgun made?

The current 2005 version has been developed over 18 years since the patent was sold to Military Police Systems, Inc. The original design was the basis of several later weapons, including the USAS-12 combat shotgun. The weapon operates in fully automatic only.

When was the Auto Assault 12 shotgun invented?

The Auto Assault-12 (AA-12), originally designed and known as the Atchisson Assault Shotgun, is a shotgun developed in 1972 by Maxwell Atchisson. The most prominent feature is reduced recoil. The current 2005 version has been developed over 18 years since the patent was sold to Military Police Systems, Inc.