How big is a 410 pump action shotgun?

How big is a 410 pump action shotgun?

OAL is 44 3/4″, LOP is 14″. Left side game scene is gold inlay d… (read more) Winchester model 42, 410 pump shotgun There are ONLY 41 master engravers currently. This is a One of a KIND Engraved Winchester Model 42 Pump action .410 shotgun. This Model 42 was… (read more)

When was the Model 42 pump gun made?

Introduced during the Great Depression, the Model 42 was produced until 1963. It was the first pump gun designed for the .410 bore. It’s a scaled down version of the earlier Model 12 shotgun.

Is there a Winchester Model 42 410ga 3?

Winchester Model 42 410ga 3″ prewar 28″ full choke,solid rib,serial #24795 made in 1936,original condition with good bluing on the barrel and receiver. GUN COLLECTIONS WANTED FOR C… (read more) (73425ConsAE) This is a used Winchester Model 42 pump-action shotgun chambered in 410g.

What kind of compensators did the Model 42 have?

New information reveals that Cutts Compensators were available on Model 42s as early as 1950. Add 25 percent for original factory-installed Cutts Compensators; deduct 50 percent for non-original Cutts guns.

What kind of shotgun is a 410 gauge?

Winchester model 42 410 Ga. field style shotgun comes full choke 28″ plain barrel. Gun is about 75% honest wear. Buyer pays $48.00 shipping. Ships to FFL Dealer or C & …Click for more info

Which is the best Browning 410 pump shotgun?

Category (a-z) Category (z-a) Best match Time Listed (Newest first) Time Listed (Oldest first) Price (Highest first) Price (Lowest first) Classic Mossberg 500E 410 pump shotgun Home security yube fed. Awesome feel and “Spreader choke” for self defense and home security (read more) Limited Edition Grade V Browning Model 42 .410 pump.

Which is the best.410 semi auto shotgun?

Further demonstrating the wide variety of .410 shotgun, XT3 from TR Imports is a semi-automatic full choke-capable 28” barrel — but using a 5-round magazine rather than the typical under-barrel tubular mag typical of semi-autos.