How big is the barrel of a Remington 32?

How big is the barrel of a Remington 32?

32 RF Caliber. 24 inch octagon barrel with approximately 85-90% blue. Nice sharp edges on all metal. Strong case colors on receiver. The distinctive Remington perch-belly stock is in wonderful conditi …Click for more info $ 2,750. This Remington Rolling Block rifle chambered in .43 Spanish has a 35” round barrel with a decent bore.

What’s the serial number on a Remington Model 32?

The top of barrel says “Remington Arms Co. Ilion NY”. The bottom of barrel says “32” and has a serial number 54938. The barrel is octagonal and about 23 1/2″ long. The receiver is solid with no lever or screws to break it down. I remember seeing black powder cartridges for it when I was a kid in the 1960’s.

When was the Remington Rolling Block 32 made?

The No.4 New Model Remington rolling block was produced from around 1890, through 1933, and was available in .22 short, long and long rifle calibers as well as in .25 and .32 caliber rim fire. After 1903, they were manufactured in a take down version as well.

What kind of barrel does a Remington 25 Stevens have?

.25 Stevens rimfire, 24″ part octagon barrel with an engraved folding barrel sight marked {100 yds}. Casehardened No2 rolling block frame with a tang mounted Lyman folding sporting p …Click for more info NEW TODAY! Made under the trade name ” Thea & D Folsom Arms Co.”. This is a near copy of the Remington No.4 Rolling Block rifle.

How much does a Remington single shot rifle cost?

$ 4,950. .22rf, s or l, #420323, 20 inch barrel, blue and case color finishm walnut stock and forearm, original sights, take down. Condition: mirror bore, 98% bsrrel blue, 95% frame case colors, excellent w …Click for more info

What kind of barrel does a Remington Hepburn have?

This 40-65 custom built Remington Hepburn rifle has a 31-1/2” blued tapered octagon to round Lilja barrel with a 1:16 twist. The bore is in very good condition. This rifle has a …Click for more info 30 inch extra heavy barrel chambered in Caliber 45-70. Overall gun looks great.

How much does a 20 inch Remington rifle cost?

Correct saddle ring. 20 inch barrel has about 75% original blue turning dark with an excellen …Click for more info $ 2,250. Sale Pending 20 inch round barrel.

How much does a Remington 700 barrel cost?

Remington 700 w/Optic Rem 22″ 22 inch ” barrel PRICE: $1,200.00 MANUFACTURER: Remington