How can I get a copy of my safe key?

How can I get a copy of my safe key?

Contact the manufacturer of the safe. The manufacturer will mail you a duplicate key by mail to replace the lost key. You will need to give the model and serial number of the safe when you contact the manufacturer. Manufacturers usually print the model and serial number of the safe near its door hinge.

How do you break into a First Alert safe without a key?

How do you open a First Alert safe without key and combination?

  1. First you must find the safe’s emergency key.
  2. Remove the panel that covers your safe’s dial.
  3. Once you have removed the dial panel, take a look beneath the dial itself.
  4. Insert the emergency key into the emergency keyhole and turn it until the safe opens.

Where can I get a sentry safe replacement key?

Order your pre-cut Sentry Safe replacement keys from LOSTAKEY.NET Contact for replacement keys for SENTRY Safes. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 …

What happens if you lose your Sentry Key?

Sentry Safes boast that they can endure a number of adverse conditions such as theft, fire, and flood. The manufacturers of these types of safes make sure that they are ultra-rigid and sturdy enough to withstand any penetrating impact. However, what happens if you’ve lost your key to your Sentry Safe and your valuable items are locked inside?

What are the model numbers of a Sentry Safe?

For Small Chests or Files: (Model numbers will begin with 0500, 1100, 1110, 1150, 1160, 1170, 1310, 1380, 1710, 1900, 1950, 1970, 1200, 1210, 1250, 2100, 2180, 2275, 2460, 6000, 6720, 7150, A3750, A5781, A5865, F2300, F3300, H2100, H2300, H3100, H2300, H3300, H4000, H4100, H4300, HD2100, HD4100, KDS-1, KS2100, KS4100, U2101, WD2, WD4, ESB-3, etc…

How long does it take to recover a Sentry Key?

After you’ve submitted your request to SentrySafe, it can take up to 7-10 business days for them to process it and ship out your new keys. If you require a more expedited key recovery process, you can call their customer service line (listed above) and ask for either same-day or next-day delivery.