How do you disassemble a Remington 740-742?

How do you disassemble a Remington 740-742?

Disassemble barrel bracket nut from gun. Disengage barrel from receiver and barrel bracket bolt, using an easy toggle movement. Pull barrel from receiver. Now disassemble barrel MODEL 740-742 from gun by swinging barrel to a right angle position between both sides of the action bar.

How do you remove the bolt assembly from a rifle?

To remove the bolt assembly, the charging handle needs to be removed. This can be fairly difficult. A pin retains the handle. You can see it in the center of the picture above. This pin passes through the bolt carrier at an angle. From the top of the rifle you can see the other side of the charging handle’s retaining pin.

What was the serial number for the Model 742?

The initial Model 742 serial number sequence began at 1001 and ended at 396562. The new began at 6900000. 7400. However, sales continued well into 1981 to clean out warehouse stock. Only grades. were carbines. A percentage of sales by both the autoloader Model 742 and the pump action Model 760. By 1976 development way.

How do you disassemble a Remington Model 4?

To remove the pin I drift it from the top down with a pin punch. Once the pin is drifted free, the charging handle can be removed and the rifle can be taken apart further. To disassemble the bolt and carrier, the firing pin’s retaining pin needs to be drifted out.

When was my Remington 742 made?

The Remington Model 742 Woodsmaster is a semi-automatic rifle that was produced by Remington Arms from 1960 until 1980 in numbers around 1.4 million. This hunting rifle featured a rotary breech block as well as a side ejection in conjunction with a free-floating barrel.

What kind of takedown nut does a Remington 742 use?

This TGI Creations American manufactured barrel takedown nut tool is for the Remington model 742 Woo.. This Remington manufactured barrel takedown nut washer is for the model 742 Woodsmaster semi-auto ri.. This Remington manufactured late variation bolt carrier is for the model 742 Woodsmaster semi-auto r..

What kind of ejector does the Remington 742 Woodsmaster use?

This Remington manufactured synthetic ejection port cover is for the model 742 Woodsmaster semi-auto.. This Remington manufactured ejector is for the model 742 Woodsmaster semi-auto rifle and is in very .. This Remington manufactured ejector pin retaining pin is for the model 742 Woodsmaster semi-auto rif..