How long does it take to break in a Kimber 1911?

How long does it take to break in a Kimber 1911?

The Kimber manual explains a fairly specific process that begins with cleaning and lubricating the gun before firing 100 to 150 rounds of quality FMJ ammunition at the range. Users should then clean and lube the gun again, and continue the process until running 400 to 500 rounds through the gun.

Are Kimber 1911 overrated?

They are most assuredly not junk. But they are overrated and generally overpriced. I picked one up on consignment and it was less than half the normal price. But for most people I’d recommend not wasting your money.

Does Kimber make good 1911?

Kimber aims for a certain price range. In that range, they’re a good builder; and they’re certainly a good friend of the 1911 community.

How accurate is a Kimber 1911?

The Kimbers I used to own were all accurate, whatever other problems they may have had. If you’re looking for quantifiable accuracy; both my Baer Custom pistols wre guaranteed to shoot (one 2 1/2″, the other 3″) at 50 yards.

Which is the most misunderstood part of a 1911?

The extractor on a 1911 Auto Pistol is one of the most misunderstood parts of the entire gun. It probably causes more malfunctions and more jams than any other part, including the magazine.

What causes the Bob misfeed on a 1911?

More likely to happen near or on the last round when spring load is at a minimum. The BOB misfeed is closely related to the “Rideover” misfeed, and is caused by the same issues. In this one, the slide catches the case further forward, and actually rids over the top of it.

Why does my 1911 magazine not go to battery?

“My gun is jamming.” The round enters the chamber ahead of the extractor and fails to go to battery. Here is another common complaint, and it’s also straight up a magazine problem. A soft spring is often at the root of it, but it can also be caused by the follower if it happens on the last round only.

How do you change the extractor on a 1911?

Remove the extractor from a 1911 Auto, insert a magazine filled with dummy rounds. Rack the slide and feed a dummy round from the magazine into the chamber. You will find the pistol will feed reliably without an extractor.