How tall is the Smith and Wesson Model 4516?

How tall is the Smith and Wesson Model 4516?

Selected Handgun Detail Smith & Wesson Model 4516 Smith & Wesson Model 4516 Smith & Wesson Model 4516 Gun Dimensions Gun Dimensions Width: No Data Length: 7.75-in Height: No Data Barrel: 3.75-in Weight: 34-oz

What’s the difference between a 4506 and a 1911?

Not too sure about the differences between versions of 4506, however have a bit of a thought on your either or question specific to the 1911. In my opinion, the 1911 is a beautiful gun, customizable, and as iconic American as they come. They should be a part of any gun aficionado arsenal.

Which is better the 4506 or the 745?

The 4506 had a slightly better DA trigger the 745 was a Single Action only and a super trigger. For carry and home defense wither the 4506 or 645 will do you very well and give you years of trouble free service. The 745 is a target gun for the most part.

What are the dash numbers on a s and W 4506?

4506. The dash numbers were changes in the production. Round tirgger guard vs square. decocker screw change from phillips head to jointed and pinned and internal spring plunger change for safety. All done at various times in the production runs. i really don’t know whay every body gets so hung up on the dash numbers.

When did the Smith and Wesson Model 4506 come out?

Smith & Wesson Model 4516: Compact version with a 3 ​ 3⁄ 4″ barrel on a smaller frame accepting 7 round single column magazines. Smith & Wesson Model 4546: Double-action-only version of the 4506 with a rounded, stubby hammer. Only produced in 1992.

What was the Smith and Wesson Model 4567 made of?

Smith & Wesson Model 4567: Midsize version with a 4 1⁄4 ” barrel on a full-size stainless steel frame with a blue carbon steel slide and tritium night sights. Also known as the Model 4567-NS. Only 1236 were produced in the 1992 single year production.

Where are the Smith and Wesson guns made?

Location: Springfield, Massachusetts Since 1857 Smith & Wesson has staked its headquarters in Springfield, Massachusetts with manufacturing operations in Holton, Maine and other operations in Columbia, Missouri. Partnership with Horace Smith & Daniel B. Wesson was from 1856–1874. Family owned by the Wesson Family from 1874–1965.