Is a 35 Remington good?

Is a 35 Remington good?

35 Remington is an outstanding round for use on medium-sized game such as deer, feral hogs and black bear at short ranges. At ranges less than 100 yards, the . 35 Remington excels and is absolutely deadly on big game.

How much does a 35 rifle cost?

MODEL 35 rifle PRICE AND HISTORICAL VALUE A MODEL 35 rifle is currently worth an average price of $1,511.81 new and $1,011.71 used .

How much recoil does a 35 Remington have?

The . 270 loads in that list show about 17 ft-lbs of recoil while the . 35 rem load shows 13.5.

How much is the 35 Remington?

Our Price is $55.99.

How hard does a 35 Remington kick?

The 35 does kick a bit harder with the 200 grain bullets but not like a 30-06. I have spent some time with Hornady’s Ballistic Calculator and I would say that the 30-30 shoots somewhat flatter but the 35 undoubtedly hits harder. Both will handily kill a deer and both are great for close woods hunting.

What is a Marlin 35 Remington worth?

35 Rem with no serious damage, will be worth about $350.

Is the.35 Remington cartridge still in production?

Of the four cartridges introduced with the Remington Model 8, the .35 Remington was by far the most popular and is the only one still in production. In addition to the Remington Model 8 and 81, Remington also produced the Model 14 pump-action rifle chambered in the cartridge.

What kind of ammo do I need for A.35 Remington?

This is a very stout load for the .35 Remington. Both of these .35 Remington ammo choices offer slight improvements over typical factory loads. However, they are high pressure loads and should only be used in modern firearms, such as the Marlin 336, that are in good condition. Buy some high quality 35 Rem hunting ammo here.

Is there A.35 Remington single shot contender?

Thompson Center also manufactures their break action, single shot Contender pistol in .35 Remington for handgun hunters who love the cartridge. Henry Repeating Arms currently manufactures a model in .35 Remington as well.

When to use A.35 Remington for big game hunting?

At ranges less than 100 yards, like when hunting whitetail deer or black bear in thick cover, the cartridge excels and is absolutely deadly on big game. The heavy, slow moving bullets deliver bone crushing power and do not produce large amounts of ruined, blood shot meat that high velocity cartridges do.